Sunday, 31 March 2013


Beautiful roses as I passed by Liberty in London on my way home on Thursday after a work related meeting. Their scent was incredible. Made feel a little heady when I closed my eyes.

Playing with pastel colours and the Mollie Makes Emma Lamb flower garland pattern on the train with the sun streaming in through the window.

Reading fun with Alice.

My gorgeous new basket from RE. Love these colours together.

Putting an African cloth (given to me by Bronwen) on the dinning room table and then re-discovering the funny bits of this book when I was in my early 20's and enjoying it together with my beautiful Bronwen.

Writing more lists and enjoying a little 'P' doodle drawn by Alice.

Making a fun patchwork card for my niece who will be one next week. Also a card for Alice as I watched her make up a tune and dance routine.

Knowing that Jesus has conquered death and new life is reborn with new joy.

I hope you have had a wonderous week despite the icy weather in the Northern hemisphere. Lets hope that some serious warmth and sunshine will be here soon. Thanks for popping by.

See you all soon


  1. Bless you, Penelope. What a joyful post! I could almost smell that rose myself....

    As soon as I saw the first basket photo I thought "Ooh, I'd put some yarn in that!" Which of course you did in the second shot. :)

    What a fun pair of cards. Happy Easter to you and yours.

    P.S. I like your "messy" list. One of my favourite messy things is the pile of yarn clippings at the end of a project when all the ends have been woven in.

  2. Lots of joy here! I'm glad you are enjoying your Easter celebrations! :) x

  3. A beautiful list, Penny and, possibly, you left the best 'til last!

  4. Isn't it funny the different images that different people focus in on! For me it was the first glimpse of your cloth aha! I thought, African fabric, and so it was! I love the way you have broken down your journey to make an interesting post for us Penny. Easter almost over but one day left of the official holiday; I hope it's a good day for you and yours. Lx

  5. Those are beautiful, fun hand made cards Penny. LOVE your basket too...wonderful.
    Happy Easter lovely
    Jacquie x