Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Can I squeeze one more festive post in ?

I know I said Merry Christmas and see you all soon yesterday but I had this urge to do one teeny tiny festive post before we go to Brighton. So can I share a few photos with you?

Firstly this amazing centre piece for our Christmas table that Alice made yesterday at her art workshop. We just love it's natural festiveness...

a few little stocking pressies with twine and vintage Santa pictures a friend sent from Switzerland

Alice and I started the little tradition of filling a little box each year of fun little things, mostly handmade and "free" from nature or whatever crafty bit we have in the house and here is her box top I made last night, I'm sure she will be thrilled with it and all the bits and bobs I have filled it with.

We open these on Christmas eve and it's a little mummy - daughter thing xox

And last but not least a very quick fesive last minute ta da crochet moment ... an idea that came to mind last night when staring at the bare candles burning on the mantle piece

I thought they needed a little festive red jacket, some ribbon and holly and I was best pleased with the result, a very quick and easy thing to do if you have any time before Christmas xox

I'm off now to finish off our homemade crackers...wishing a Wonderous Christmas for you all


  1. What a lovely Mother/Daughter tradition you have and your parcels are so beautifully done! The candle jacket is so pretty! Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. ...and happy Christmas too in return.

    Enjoy and have fun,

    Nina xxx

  3. No wonder you wanted to share I love the idea of your Christmas box.
    What a treasured idea.
    Festive wishes again.

    Jo x

  4. No wonder you wanted to share all this lovliness.
    Have a brilliant time .
    Jacquie x

  5. Lots of beautiful things there, I love the crochet candle cover idea, shame I haven't time to make a few.
    Have a great xmas.xx

  6. I love the centre piece! Merry Christmas and have a lovely holiday. Best wishes, Ames :)

  7. your present's look fantastic, love all the wrapping! have a great Christmas and best wishes for 2011! Elainex

  8. what a wonderful centre piece - great effort !
    your candle cosy has really added atmosphere, but don't envy handling that holly - YOW !
    Have a wonderful Christmas and joyous New Year .

  9. Have a wonderful Christmas. I love Alice's centrepiece.
    Love, Louise

  10. Hello Penelope! Thank you for your kind comment at today. I am enjoying meeting so many creative bloggers. I love that candle! Its perfect! If you decide to write up a pattern for it I would love to share it at Tangled Happy. Off to do a little more browsing through your lovely blog. Merry Christmas!

  11. Hi Penelope, there are so many beautiful things in your post today! I love them all! Alice's present looks GREAT, she must be thrilled!
    Wishing a very wonderful Christmas to you and your beloved ones!!!
    With love, xxx

  12. Have a wonderful Christmas. Looking forward to meeting up again in 2011, Love Penny and Higgins xxx

  13. Lovely details!
    Wishing you and your family all the best, Merry Christmas, Torie Jayne x

  14. Oooh! I missed this post as i thought you were off to Brighton and didn't know you had squeezed some wonderment in before you left! It's all lovely, as usual.... Love the tradition you have with Alice, love the candle decorations, love Alice's centrepiece.... have a lovely time visiting and look forward to seeing your lovely crafting in the new year!