Monday, 9 May 2011

Thank you

This is a quick post to say THANK YOU to Penny of Planet Penny for this blog award

and to Elaine of Northern Hi-lights for this blog award

Thank you both so much for your kindness in choosing me, I feel really touched.

I think I now need to reveal seven interesting facts about myself, well here goes...

  • In the early 1990's I did some naked modelling for a local art school - it was a chance to liberate and celebrate my naked self in my early 20's
  • I once met the rainbow people in the Negev desert in Israel at a hippie festival whilst hitch hiking my way around Israel
  • I love eating home made popcorn
  • I never thought I'd be a mama but now I am so privileged to be one
  • I often wear odd socks (by default!)
  • My favourite thing is managing to see a shooting star
  • I know how I need to be but often fall short of this

So now i need to nominate some lovely blogs for these awards ....

2. Joyce of Joyce lives here

3. Victoria of Yarn around hook

4. Lyndsey of The darling loft

5. Jane of Hook and yarn

7. Julie of Peacock Blue

Have a peek into their blogs if you haven't already done so, some amazing inspiration and happiness being spread throughout the land of blog xox

I'll leave you with a little mosaic which I had fun making

Keep happy xox


  1. Congrats on your awards! You definitely deserve! I really enjoy reading your fun facts! I'm off to check these blogs out, they must be so lovely!
    Enjoy your day! xox

  2. Well done for getting an award! Your blog is great and you deserve it! Your 7 interesting facts really were interesting, you really have done some amazing things! :)

    Samantha x

  3. Nude modelling aye? I definitely think you should post some of those pictures to prove it Penelope!!!
    Thank you for the award!!!! Just in time for my blogiversary! I've made something special for a giveaway and used one of the buttons you sent me when I won your giveaway, so it is an extra special bloggers prize!
    have a lovely week!

  4. Thanks for the award. Really appreciate it. x

  5. Thank you so much for the award! That is so lovely of you :) Not sure I can think of 7 interesting facts about myself though ;)
    Jane x

  6. i have just found your blog, i love it!!

  7. Hullo Penelope, thank you so much for the blog award, oh gosh 7 interesting things. . . . . . will have to have a think about this one. Gosh you have lead such an interesting life, I am rather boring. lol. I do like the sound of the nude modelling bit though, that would have been rather powerful and liberating. Thank you so much for sharing a little bit about you.