Thursday, 23 June 2011

Now where was I?

Helloooo, now where was I since I was so rudely interrupted by blogger misbehaving yesterday? Oh yes I wanted to show you this Madeline Tosh vintage merino yarn I totally overspent on when I went to Loop in London a couple of weeks ago.

Doesn't the colour just want to make you go ZZZZZZiiiiiiinnnnggg?

Like an electric eel from the deepest depths of tropical ocean. I was drawn to it straight away and ummed and ahhed about spending £20 on it, but  felt the fear and did it anyway!

As you can see I did roll the 100g skein into a ball and that in itself is a work of art just to stare at, roll around in your hands .... feed the senses..... OK I'm getting carried away now mad yarn woman. It's amazing how far I've come in my yarn appreciation journey and my self taught knitting and crochet knowledge which is still in it's infancy but continues to grow each day. There is nothing like going to Knit ad Natter at my LYS and instead of just politely smiling or nodding I can now join in the conversation on a certain level. On Monday night I even showed a lovely lady how to knit with the yarn forward. Yay KNIT factor keeps growing :0)

So what does one do with 1 skein of precious expensive yarn? I looked throught 2 One skein wonders books at my LYS and still couldn't decide, I only knew that I needed to have this yarn close to my skin. I eventually decided to make a single loop honey cowl like I made in this post (I made a double loop longer cowl here) and as you can see from the above photo's it creates this lovely honey comb effect on one side which is such a wind proof form of knitting and oh so cosy, but and yes it's a big BUT I don't know if I like it! What do you think should I froggit or nottit? Initially I thought it would bring out my blue eyes more (my eyes like it when I wear blue) and so would be good to have near my face but I'm thinking it's maybe a little too electric.

Help is needed please xox

Quick interval photo before the next topic for discussion. I saw this the other day when I was out cycling and remembered how much I liked the idea of post people cycling about in the countryside delivering post on their cheery way and so I felt a photo was necessary. Talking of postal deliveries I received a lovely little surprise from my friend in Zurich in the post yesterday.

Oooohh I like a little surprise parcel I do

Inside the parcel a funky little bag jumped out at me, such fun colours thanks so much Mandy you are a honey bee to me xox I almost feel inspired to do a crochet blankie in these retro colours :0)

Sunday, here in the UK was Father's day and so Papa got a cricket inspired card from his girly which I wanted to log here for memories sake. We had a lovely meal with Andy's Dad and although my Dad is not near we toasted to all the dad's of the world.

Last but not least, little 6 pound Faith was born yesterday morning, one of my good work mates' daughter gave birth to this l sweet little girl and so I rapidly completed this simple crochet bunting for her which I started a couple of weeks or so ago.

{Eeeek don't look to hard at the dust on those blinds!}

simple granny goodiness

and a couple of flowers too

I plan to buy her a little jelly cat mouse too

New life, New joy!

I best be off before I start prattling on about babies and broodiness!

Happy days to you all, thanks for popping in and see you all soon
Penelope xox


  1. That yarn is absolutely gorgeous - fab colours :)

    Pretty bunting too - am in the middle of making my first lot of crochet bunting - there has been swearing as triangles & I don't get on!

  2. But Penelope, how can we tell if it brings out the colour of your eyes if you don't post a photo of your face and the yarn together?! :0)

    I love the colour of the bunting. Guess what I did when you said don't look at the dust on the blinds? It only looks like light and shade.

  3. Penelope we can't give you advice without seeing a photo (taken by soneone else!) of you in the Madeline Tosh cowl! :O)

    Maybe you are being like me when knitting with something special, theres always that thought that it could be better when actually what you have made is lovely???!!! I'm sure it's gorgoeus and yes, the colour, it's zingy!
    have a lovely weekend !

  4. Hi there, can't remember how I found your blog but am enjoying reading it! Love the crochet bunting I'm making some knitted ones for my little one's room as well. That yarn is gorgeous! But I don't know if I could pay that much for it, although I'm easily swayed at Loop, heaven! Love it when you refer to Durbs, I'm from Cape Town myself. Have a fabulous weekend.
    Celeste x

  5. Hi Penelope, I love this post.
    Such gorgeous colours and cute things. That picture of the post bike is perfect and I love your baby bunting :0)
    I'd keep going with the cowl looks stunning.
    Jacquie x

  6. love the colours of your bunting! Which yarn did you use?

  7. I'm rubbish at knitting, but I love the colour and I also love the picture with the postie bike - idylic.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  8. What a fab colour I can see why you were drawn to it, I certainly would of been mesmerised! Can't give you any practical advice I am afraid as I am not confident on the matter of the needle! lol. I am sure you will think of something just gorgeous.

    Love that bunting so so so pretty, and for a cute little girl. Love that little mouse too so cute!

    MBB x

  9. Hi Penelope,
    Your yarn is really fabulous! How I love the color! Oh I covet one for myself! :)
    Love the bunting, it's gorgeous and such a simple beauty!
    Wow the purse you received looks so lovely, you must be so happy with that surprise! Congrats!
    Happy day to you too, I always enjoy reading your posts!!!
    Love and hugs, xo