Sunday 24 July 2011

Before I go

I couldn't resist one quick post before we go camping tomorrow. Naughty hey! I think I just like having fun with our camera and want to capture and log moments and pretty images in my life.

So, a couple of posts ago I mentioned my wedding ring and some of you said you'd like to have a look see, so here goes...

It's a very 'me' ring, silver, flowers and no diamonds, only tiny opals.

It wasn't very expensive but it's my most treasured possession.I would be happy to lose all my worldly possessions bar this ring (and all our photo albums of Alice as she has grown up - impossible to replace).

We were at one point talking about wooden rings but instead went for this beauty. I found Andy's ring in an antique shop in Hastings old town, a simple band of white gold.

I wear it with a very thin band of gold which was my maternal grandmother's ring which my mum gave to me when I came to the UK in 1996. It seems to enhance the little gold daisies which I like and the symbolism is enhanced too.

Yesterday, on a breezy Saturday evening some beach combing was needed, some fresh salty air and pebble throwing was needed.

Alice wearing her Shalom Cardy

And last but not least some red dye ( of the hair and not wool kind) to kick start my holidays off

It's very red, I normally just go for auburn but this time I thought, hey I'm in my forty's no need to be graceful and err on the conservative side of life. Excuse the sunglasses but I am VERY photosensitive and have been known to go to be with my sunglasses on (by mistake of course!)

See you all in a week or so xox Happy, blessed and sweet times ahead to you all xox


  1. Hi Penelope,

    your beach photos always make me long for Pevensey Bay! My favourite place in the world.
    Have fun on your holiday x x x x

  2. Love, love, love your ring, I am a girl who likes something different...and I love your hair color, I am red too. Have a fun time away.
    x Sandi

  3. What an amazing ring! I've never seen anything like it before, I love it.

    All your close up photos are great.

  4. oh this is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your wedding ring. Happy camping and I so love your red hair. When I grow up, my hair is going to be exactly like Anne Shirley. Ha ha ha ha, a girl can dream.

  5. Your wedding ring is gorgeous :)

    Have a happy camping trip - hope the weather is kind to you.

  6. What a beautifully individual ring, it really is lovely. Loving the hair dye! I used to dye mine a red colour a while back but tend to stick to my natural colour at the minute..

    Ashley xxx

  7. Hi Penelope, your ring is just beautiful, I love it. Thank you for showing us. And your hair looks fab! Hope you have a wonderful holiday with lots of happiness and laughter - I'm sure you will :)
    Jane xx

  8. lovely ring...
    take care,

  9. Hi Penelope,
    I always feel very happy every time visiting your blog. You are such a talented photographer! I love all your photos, and the ring in this post looks so special! You look so beautiful in your pictures!
    Have a fab trip, full of joy and happiness, to you and your family!!!
    Lots of love, xo

  10. Your wedding ring is BEAUTIFUL! I love the fact that it's not a typical wedding ring! I've just been scrolling back down through your blog posts and enjoying all the wonderful you're making and doing, I love your approach to knitting where the mistakes are a badge of progress, that's an extremely healthy approach, very admirable and well balanced. Have a wonderful time camping, hope you get some good weather. Vanessa xxx

  11. It's me again, please drop by my blog to take your award, you had it!
    Take care and enjoy!

  12. Hi Penelope

    Yes it was quite weird finding your blog. I was cleaning up my bookmarks yesterday morning and saw your blog was bookmarked - couldn't remember it so went to check it out before I deleted it - and saw the Molly Makes crocheted apple cover, which was probably why I saved the page. As I scrolled down I saw that photo of your daughter on the beach and recognised it immediately, so looked some more, then read your profile in the sidebar and started laughing at, as you said, the coincidence.

    Yes we could meet for tea. Would be nice.

    Have a lovely weekend.