Thursday, 12 July 2012


Alice pendant made by my special friend Bronwen

Beautiful Alice

May I never dare to forget what joy I feel when your smile emerges with the deepest of dimples,

Your immense imagination and creativity and sparkle of glitter you imprint on those whom you love and care for,

The huge hurt you see through your 11 year old eyes at the world's injustices,

Your whimsical and magical dreaming of what you will one day become, yet remembering to embrace playfulness and childhood,

The wisdom and strange maturity you apply to your sweet life, yet still remain innocent
The great sensitivity of you...leaves me astounded with swollen heart

You came home today, final junior year school report in hand and all my emotions twisted into a glorious grateful praise for what a blessing we have in you 
our girly.

Fly high sweet birdy and 
Sing the song you were born to sing.


  1. Beautiful, the last two lines especially. Alice is very blessed to have such supportive and loving parents that she will be able to achieve the things that lie ahead of her....with confidence and self-belief. The qualities your daughter has are a testimony to her upbringing.

    Have a lovely weekend.x

  2. What a lovely post, Penelope, your love and pride in your young daughter shines through. Absolutely echo Faith's sentiments!

  3. Penelope, your daughter is an amazing young woman with a big compassionate heart, just like her mumma.
    xx Sandi

  4. Beautiful post Penelope! Enjoy the weekend,
    Victoria xx

  5. What a beautiful poem! A child is the most precious gift. Rachel x

  6. Beautiful pendant, beautiful post, beautiful daughter. Special people beget special people it seems to me.