Saturday, 28 September 2013

52 weeks of Happy 39/52

So this past week has found me tidying up a lot! I had a sort out of all our hats scarves, cowls, coats and such like and decided to send some to charity shops and the rest to be neatly folded so we can see what we have got when the real chilly weather arrives. It's actually a lot less than what I thought, we do seem to have a few berets between Alice and I and all have about 3 pairs of gloves each. I wonder if this is still too much?

Our beautiful dreamer turned 13 on Thursday. I looked for a 13 birthday card and none of them spoke to me, but when I found this sweet card I couldn't resist. Keep day dreaming Alice!

Talking of birthdays I bought this little treasure which is from the 1800's Victorian era. How gorgeous is it that it has a flower for each day of the year and someone has written their family/friends birthdays in in ink with 1800's birth dates. I don't know if I will write my dates in or not, do you think it would spoil it or not? I haven't decided yet.

Oooh look I finished my little 18 month old niece's wee socks for her to wear with her wellies. I am going to send them to her this week as she is recovering from nasty tonsillitis and hopefully this will bring a little cheer in the post. I used this free pattern on Ravelry. I was rather pleased that I had just enough left over sock yarn from when I knitted Alice a pair of socks. There always seems to be so much yarn left over when knitting socks.

Well, that's all folks
I realy wish I could be going to Yarndale  this year, maybe next time. It would be a great opportunity to meet fellow blogging friends and all that yarn...gosh I'm sure it will be a fabulous event. Happy weekending everyone!



  1. Oh those little socks are adorable and the card is gorgeous ... perfect to pop in a little frame ... Bee xx

  2. I LOVE those socks!!!!!!!!
    Penny, I have a lovely old Birthday Book from a great great aunt of mine, dated about the same as yours, and looking VERY similar! It has the birthday of one of my ancestors .....called NOAH! I love it! And I bet Alice will love hers too. Lx

  3. I think you should definitely write in your birthday book! It's beautiful.

    We are beginning to sort out scarves and gloves too ... don't need them quite yet but it's as well to be prepared. :)

    Happy birthday to Alice, and best wishes to your little niece for a quick recovery. Those socks would brighten anyone's day.

  4. Your socks look great. I would love to be able to make socks someday. I love that card, it's very feminine and pretty, perfect for your sweet girl.

  5. You should write in the book as it carries on the tradition, but make sure you add the year of the birth of the person so that it adds to the records that it holds!

  6. Love the socks! Is that an infinity scarf in the first pic? Looks very interesting (I actually want to have a go at knitting one instead of crocheting for a change)

  7. Those socks are just perfect! They will be so warm and cosy with welly boots. Such a pretty card for your girl too.
    M x

  8. Oh such cute socks...
    Me too re Yarndale! it is just a little too far to go for the day is it not?
    Might have to plan a weekend in the Dales next year!!
    bestest Daisy j x

  9. Happy Birthday Alice :)

    I think you should write in the book, it becomes a kind of palimpsest ... I'd like that if it were mine.

  10. Well, we've sorted boots and coats but its still so lovely at the moment and I'm not yet ready for scarves and hats! I want to crochet myself a beautiful scarf, just need to find a pattern! Happy Birthday to Alice, gosh we blink and they've grown up! Yes Yarndale next year, all those photos I keep seeing, it looked wonderful! :) x

  11. I was showing your hat and scarf shelf to my boyfriend the other day, we need one! I've got far too many hats all over the place and need to get them organised :)

    Happy Birthday to Alice! x

  12. I love your images today. Your new blog header is very nice indeed, and I particularly love that retro coat hook. I just sorted all our winter stuff in the under-stairs cupboard (or cupboard of doom as I like to call it) into boxes to try to avoid that "where is my glove/hat/scarf etc" trauma just before we leave the house for school in the morning. :-) xx

  13. I agree with everyone above, write in it Pen, we will be history too someday. Are you on Pinterest? I think you would love it - it can be a really useful way of storing knitting patterns etc digitally and sharing them at the same time. I am going to start a board for you. There is a link to my boards on my blog - maybe you want to check it out?

  14. I have made you a board on Pinterest entitled "Yarn (things for Penny to make and do)". Here is the address: