Sunday, 13 April 2014


Thank you all for visiting and your comments on us trying to sell our home. Well you won't believe it but our second viewer put in an offer which we accepted and our offer was accepted on the 1930's home we wanted and voila....the deal was done!

It all seems too good to be true really and it's still a long way off, but we are counting our blessings and moving forward with the lawyers and mortgage company etc (all the dead boring necessary stuff). So, I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime we have made our home messy again with just living in it and I have been absorbed in crochet craftiness. I am running a little workshop for beginners in my friends art studio where she teaches art classes. The same place I made my needle felted hen at the end of March. To prepare I have been rolling out loads of little balls of colourful mostly Stylecraft yarn so that I can teach everyone how to make a basic granny square.

I am feeling a little nervous about teaching people how to crochet, I learnt from my mum and am no expert. I am going to try and make the experience full of fun and hope to install a real passion for this craft. It has also given me the opportunity to make loads of different granny squares to use as examples. I have had a bit of an addiction going on in the past couple of weeks...

I made a granny cushion to hopefully inspire them to make one and will be taking a few of my other granny square projects and blankets along to inspire the makers to keep going. I eventually sewed the buttons on my cushion this afternoon and rather like the end product.

Here is the cushion buttonless...

And now with buttons...

I used different colours on both sides and just loved making this simple but pretty thing. I have decided that Nothing but,Nothing beats a good old granny square :o)

Other than that it's all been about getting out on the weekends and enjoying the good weather we have been having, oh and some gin and pink lemonade!

How about you lovely people? What have you been up to lately?


See you soon



  1. Dear Penny,

    Congratulations! Three cheers for such a swift, uncomplicated purchase! Fantastic news; and this is coming from somebody who has been waiting six years to sell our fisherman's cottage on the Normandy coast (there's a legal complication involved).

    The next few weeks will be busy and exciting for you three. And happy crochet class. Good for you, Penny!


  2. Congrats on selling your house and I hope everything goes swiftly and smoothly for your move. LOVE your granny cushion with all those fab buttons, what a great idea. Have fun with your classes, you'll be great!

  3. Yay! Good news :) Good luck with the crochet workshop, if you were closer I'd pay you to teach me how :)

  4. Great news on the house sale! I hope that everything goes smoothly and that you are very happy in your new home. I am sure that your crochet workshop will go really well, you produce great work, and I really like that piece you showed with the green, blue and white, very pretty indeed, as is your cushion. Hope that you enjoy it!! xx

  5. Gin and pink lemonade? Now there's a good idea!

  6. I'm sure the workshop will be fantastic and great news about selling an old and buying a new home... Do hope all goes without a hitch !! Cx

  7. I teach crochet and it is great fun! My top tips are under estimate what people can do. You will be surprised by this amazing skill you have when you see that it takes someone an hour to learn how to hold the hook and make a wobbly chain, Check if you have any left handers before you start and ask them to sit opposite you and remember their granny square will go anti clockwise, ask others to stand behind you and watch a slow demo while they stand up and you sit down, have lots of photos to follow and don't use abbreviations for newbies. If you want any other tips message me but you look super organised. Good Luck and let us all know how you get on. Jo xx

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    2. Wow great tips thanks so much Jo xxx

  8. Great news about the house Penny. I couldn't agree more....granny squares are the best, and I LOVE your cushion.
    Good luck with the teaching, I like Jo's advice.
    Jacquie x

  9. Great news about the house selling, the house buying and your new class. You are going to be fantastic.

  10. I hope all the "boring" stuff with the house move goes well - and good luck with your crochet class. x

  11. I am sure your students will be encouraged by your obvious love of crochet! I teach beginners too and would suggest making the beginning of one round to give them the idea of how it is constructed ie the central ring with just 3 clusters of treble .I double the amount of time it takes me to do something as a general rule of thumb for classes and give a handout so they can make notes on it as they go along. Enjoy it!

  12. Congratulations and good luck with your workshop! The best thing to spread is the love for something :)
    Btw I ordered a ceramic bird necklace and brooch :) Cannot wait to get them. Thanks for showing :)

  13. Fast sale! Hope the contracts and legal stuff go as quick! Is the house you want chain free?
    And yes please I'd love a pink gin!

  14. Wow, how nice to sell your house so quickly. And I love the sound of a "30s house". That was such a nice period for home architecture, I think....

    Good luck with your classes. Buttons make everything better, don't they? Especially in assorted colours. And that road photo is breathtaking, with those different shades of fresh green and the froth of flowers on the verge ... is it cow parsley? (I can't remember when that comes up. We haven't seen any wildflowers in MONTHS.) Enjoy your nice weather! :)

  15. Congratulations, Penny! That's great news... I hope it all goes smoothly for you (house buying and selling is such a nail-biting process at times). And 1930s houses are so lovely :)
    I wish you were teaching basic crochet locally, I'd be there like a shot. Good luck with your session.
    Sarah x

  16. Lovely Penny so glad that you have sold your home - onwards and upwards now, so exciting. I wish I could come to your classes as I know I would have lots of fun with you. I just love your work Penny, it is absolutely stunning. Good luck with everything and have a lovely week Penny.
    Hugs and loves

  17. Yay. Hope all goes very smoothly with the houses. Reading this post has just made me realise that you have your pink lemonade with gin!! I thought you had a lot of Friday pink lemonades, didn't realise you have a cheeky addition!! Must try. Sounds yummy. x

  18. Yes, sometimes only a granny square will do. I find the rounds of trebles so soothing, no need to count, minimal colour changes...all lovely. I fancy making a huge granny square blanket some day. So glad to hear the house move is progressing well, yay! x

  19. Yay congratulations Penny, that's such good news! I hope the sale goes smoothly for you. Good luck with the crochet workshop too! xx

  20. I'm loving all this crochet, and that basket of veg, well....marvellous! I also can't wait to see your new home....very exciting! :) x

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