Friday, 21 January 2011

Bubblegum yummy yarn

It's Friday hooorrraaaaaayyy, sorry I just had to let that out... I love Friday nights, don't you? They have a different feel as you get older, in my 20's I'd usually have had some plan to go out to dinner, a drink and maybe even a boogie with friends. 

We had Alice when I was 30 and things changed somewhat(!) and now that I am 40 I just love staying in, watching a movie and knitting / hooking / stitching away with the thought of a weekend of family time, reading, walking, baking and making yummy meals, browsing charity shops and having yarn yippy ay yay moments xox

So, on to this evening's post... I wanted to share my Debbie Bliss yarn I bought in my LYS January sale a couple of week's ago. I popped in hoping there would be a HUGE sale on but much to my dismay everything looked beautifully arranged on the shelves with some pricey skeins begging "pick me, pick me" and as much as I would love to purchase a lot more yarn I just cannot afford £12-14 for 50g of beautiful yarn with rivers of silk running through them! {I think the reason why this January wasn't like her normal January sales was because of the massive leak from the flat above and closure of her shop for 3 months or so where loads of stock was destroyed}.

And then the lovely owner Fran, pointed to the corner to a medium sized ceramic bucket full of mostly Debbie Bliss DK cashmerino half price per ball wool and my heart skipped a little beat as I dived forward to see what I could find. I came away with a reasonably large stash of this colour which I love and Alice called it  "bubblegum pink" yarn

Ooooohh yummy ...

Please can I indulge you with just 1 more photo please x

It feels so soft and delicious and was less than half price at £2 per ball if you bought 10 or more!! I won't say how many I bought x {my love, Andy tells me he doesn't read my blog so this is my confessional to all you lovely people out there and now I feel amazingly less guilty about being obsessed with stashing wool here there and everywhere for those 'just in case' or 'when I plan to make this' moments - please tell me I am not the only one who does this!}

So, I have been hooking more of Alice's granny blanket which I mentioned here , since the re-opening of Fran's shop Wa Waa Wools I have promised Alice that I would get round to finishing it as I ran out of yarn and wanted to stick to Debbie Bliss colours for it. It's progressing beautifully with the DK sale yarn and soon will be complete, I thought I would give you a quick glimpse into how it's coming along.

Can you see the delicious bubblegum-ness we can see? Perfect for a 10 year old to snuggle up in xox

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend xox


  1. Hej
    What a lovely post...loving your colourful tulips and lilies!
    The wool is beautiful Bubblegum pink...lovely
    And the granny blanket looks like it will be absolutely snuggly bubbly for your daughter ;D
    Ha en mysig helg
    Have a cosy weekend

  2. The granny is so snuggly, warm and comfy cozy looking in those delicious colors. The flowers are breathtakingly beautiful.

    Your granny would look lovely on my new Crafty Links page for all to see.

  3. Such a pretty colour- I bet it's so soft and cosy. I so wish I knew how to do granny squares, there'd be no stopping me! x

  4. I love the yarn you got half price , and the glimpse of your gorgeous blanket. I may have to start building a stash of this lovely yarn, like Heather ( little tin bird ). Your flowers are beautiful too, great to have some sunny weather at last :0)
    Jacquie x

  5. hi
    your granny looks wonderful......i love the colors
    and your new yarn looks very soft.lovely tulips.
    have a nice weekend,

  6. Thank you so much for this post. The yummy flowers and those lovely colors had me dreaming of spring and I almost forgot just how cold it is here. Thanks again.

  7. Hello there, I have been reading your blog for a while now, but had to comment on that beautiful blanket and the colors, stunning!!!!!!
    x Sandi

  8. Oh Penelope it is perfectly pink and bubblegummy. Andys just do not appreciate our need to buy yarn and hook away all day. I too have a sneaky habit You couldn't leave it at that price - oh no no.
    Have a happy week.
    Jo x

  9. Oohhh that's a great colour pink! Love the blanket!!

  10. what a bargain, i wouldn't have been able to resist at that price either! & the blanket is looking A-mazing!

  11. I love the name of the wool - Bubblegum! Love the blanket, I've just started on one but it's a slow process!

  12. Hope u had a great weekend, I'm with you on the friday nights- bliss! - love the wool too, I definatly need to inject more pink into my male dominated household! x

  13. I popped in two nights ago Penelope, and Karen came over and said "whos beautiful photographs are these?" then wanted to look at a site so i couldn't comment then!
    Lovely wool, lovely blanket, lovely flowers, what a beautiful post!

  14. Aaaahhh Debbie Bliss yarns are the most wonderful aren't they? And your blanket is beautiful! Love Vanessa xxx

  15. Love your blanket, it's really beautiful and looks so warm! Love the yarn too, such a lovely post Penelope!
    Have a wonderful day!!!
    LS, xxx

  16. That blanket is going to be gorgeous, I LOVE that pink!
    Penny xx