Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday morning

Hello! Good to be back on my blog again, this week has been very busy with work, Alice and Mr.A and trying to be dedicated to going to a yoga and a pilates class each week. I've never done pilates before and have now succeeded in doing a couple of classes and am really enjoying it (despite the muscle aches the next day!)

I hope you have all had busy productive mid-january week :) 

In-between all of this hive of activity some fingers have been sewing, knitting and hooking away and today I have a window of opportunity to reveal the all to you so here we go.....

Remember the man beanie post here well, I can now reveal the finished beanie to all you lovelies, I got sooooo excited knitting away when I introduced the burnt orange and mustard colour stripes as it started to resemble to original one in the little photograph of Mr. A all those years ago. So may I introduce you to my man beanie extra-ordinaire!

Sorry, I can't help feeling like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland when I see the result... it certainly felt extra-ordinaire when I gazed at what my hands had made. I don't mean to be all proud and fluff out my chest I just am amazed at how beautiful yarn, beautiful colours, a pair of needles and some hands can make such a scrummy warm beanie! and I know I can indulge with all you yarn lovers out there who feel the same with a FO.

Mr. A is equally chuffed and loves it so. I managed to persuade him to wear it for a photo... note the serious face, I think he thought this was like a "mug shot" for some awful conviction (hee hee)

and 1 more

Want to see another FO ? It's all happening here in chez L is for Love. Here's my knitted and lined bag all beautiful and finished ready for popping into my goodie bag where I stash pressies away as the year goes by and dip into when special birthdays and "just because" days appear.

So here it is

Did you see a crochet hook on the right side of the photo? It's there to point our the quirky bit about the "one strap" bag that I created.

A little open space left when I was stitching it up ... was for this reason....

The doubled up one strap on the left hand side feeds through the space on the right, is then pulled through and voila a gathered, closed up handbag! No buttons or fasteners needed! Hooray I am rather pleased with this little project.

Well, that's me for the moment, I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the seasons wherever you may be. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog, I just love reading your comments and of course visiting your blogs too x

Have a fab weekend and I shall leave you with a photo of our pancake making breakfast this morning. I was teaching Alice how to spread the mixture around the pan and this is what happened which made us both smile xox

A photo for the blog was called for ! See you all soon xox


  1. Your beanie look perfect Penelope , so nice to be able to re-create a much missed item :0)
    love your bag too , very clever closure .
    Keep up the classes . Love your smiley pancake .
    Jacquie x

  2. You have been productive at Chez L! I LOVE the little bag. How clever to make the handle the closure too. And the beanie is lovely. Your man is very lucky indeed.

  3. Oh my... Your beanie is soooooooooo beautiful! I love the color combination too! And your bag, what I can say, just GREAT! I also love the lining, and perfect closure! How talented you are, Penelope!!!
    Best wishes,
    LS, xxx

  4. the benie is fab penelope! I remember seeing the yarn you bought and thinking "ooh er! Nice stuff!" And it does make such a difference doesn't it???!!!
    Andy's head will stay nice and warm for the rest of winter, yay!
    Have a lovely week XXX

  5. i want that beanie...make me one pleeeease?

  6. What a clever lady you are. I am not surprised the beanie is loved you've made a great job. I love the handle on your bag too and the idea to stash pressies away.
    Have a good week.
    Jo x

  7. Lovely to have some FOs as well as UFOs!The beanie looks great, I'm sure it's even better than the lost one the little bag is very clever. Penny x