Monday, 23 May 2011

Staying strong

Daisy's are one of Alice's favourite flowers, ever since I can remember she's always enjoyed picking them and making daisy chains and that's why I chose this photograph I took yesterday when we went to Charleston House as part of their annual festival.

I had the heart wrenching time of saying goodbye this morning as all the parents waved their 10 year olds off on their school trip to York. It felt as though my heart had been ripped out of my chest saying goodbye to her. I know this may sound a little over dramatic but she is inter-woven into my being, my fabric, my makeup and it's the first time she has spent a week away from us. I wanted her to go, cerebrally I know it's one of the best early years adventures she could have with all her friends and companions around her BUT nothing and I mean nothing prepares you for this. No book, no poem, no words of wisdom from my own mother could describe how I feel and felt this morning. 

I'm OK and of course will survive and be stronger for this experience. We have some special little things planned this week, just Andy and I. I am working too, so my routine continues and I have planned a couple of girly things to do with friends which will be lovely to have the freedom of coming and going without having to think that I need to be considering Alice.

I found this image on the net here and thought it not only beautiful to look at but so very apt for this week

So true don't you think?

I hope you have all had a great weekend, it has been rather blustery here in the South East of England and the North wind blew and blew yesterday on our little excursion to the exquisite, quintessentially English home and gardens of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant who formed part of the Bloomsbury Group, a group of artists, writers and intellectuals. Virginia Woolf, who wrote Mrs. Dalloway and A room of one's own amongst other novels was Vanessa Bell's sister. T.S. Elliot and E.M.Foster were also good friends and regulars at Charleston House.

We have been on a tour inside before and it's so fascinating and definitely well worth a visit if you are in East Sussex. Instead of going in again, we wondered around the breath taking gardens, had tea and cake and lay on the banks of a large pond playing scrabble.

It was a lovely, relaxing family afternoon and to top it off I indulged in a little something for myself with a little stash of notes that I got for my birthday and it felt decadent to do this but I did it any way....

Is this not just one beautiful, hand crafted, mouthwateringly squueeeel with delight bracelet? It's a one off by the jeweller and I shall treasure it forever. Very special and very decadent!

In the meantime my fingers have been knit knitting away at this...

Soon to revealed and shared with all you lovelies.

Thank you for your comments and words of love and kindness, no doubt this week will have me posting again to be in your company
Sweetness and inspiring moments to you all this week
Penelope xox 


  1. Hej Penelope

    Everything is lovely just lovely!
    I keep flicking up and down the photo's.
    Where to start ...
    The Daisy's so fresh!
    The photographic quote...spoke volumes to me and probably to a lot of people.
    And you are so absolutely right, in both ways. Alice will have a whale of a time, but it's always hard letting go, when they're still attached...My daughter is Twenty...she arrives tomorrow from S'holm and nothing changes...She is an independent young lady...but we cannot go more than 4 weeks max without being with each other lol! And she'll send me a text a 4am in the morning to tell me she's home safe...
    Charleston House LOVE it! Long overdue a visit again, infact said girly was about 3 when I last went there...Sounds like you had a perfect day and the WELL DESERVED bracelet is exquisite!
    LOVE PEACE enJOY some special time with your man

  2. OOOH and those roses...devine!

  3. good luck with the rest of your week. Those kind of absences can be so hard at first. Hope you start to enjoy the "youtime" soon.A

  4. Enjoy the special time you have to yourself. I remember when Lucie went away last year, I worried about the most silly things... will she remember to clean her teeth, will she be able to get all the shampoo out of her hair, who will pass her a towel if it gets in her eyes.... the list went on and on. She loved it and did remember her teeth, but didn't bother washing her hair at all, even though we had chosen special toiletries for her wash bag. Dylan will go next year, then I will really worry, he struggles to remember to go to the toilet and still struggles with his shoelaces.
    I adore the beautiful bracelet you treated yourself to. xx

  5. The braclet is completely gorgeous!!!


  6. Charleston House looks lovely. The roses growing up the front, so delicate, but strong too. Keep knitting, keep blogging, keep enjoying your friends' company, and my advice would be... GO YARN-SHOPPING!!! :)
    Love Jane x