Thursday 23 February 2012

Matters of the yarn

Hello all you lovely folk, thank you for commenting and reading my last post. It's always reassuring to know that what I am feeling is 'normal'. This week has got better and more calm as each hour has passed and I am feeling so much more confident about our metamorphosis, maybe there will be some pretty butterflies here after all! 

It's all good and when it's good I can turn my attention to matters of the yarn. Matters of the heart can be neatly compartmentalised for the now.

So, as you may have noticed I've been knitting away at my 20 stitch Aran / double thread DK yarn scarf. It was born out of two main purposes. To use up yarn and draw in the purse strings for a bit as well as my desire to knit a "first scarf". Do you know what I mean by a "first scarf"? I think that most people, when they learn to knit tend to make a scarf or knit a square as their first ever make and I have never really done this. Yes, I have knitted and crocheted numerous scarves, but never made a straight forward garter knit scarf before from left over bits and bobs.

My first knitted project was at school when I was in standard 2 (equivalent of year 2 in UK) in South Africa. We had to knit an all-in-one teddy bear which involved casting on and off mostly to accommodate for arms etc. This was then followed by knitted bed socks which everyone hated as it involved the dreaded purl stitch. I dropped many stitches but learnt how to knit reasonably well, but never felt inspired or inclined to knit myself a scarf from my mum's stash of yarn. This of course could be put down to the fact that South Africa is a gloriously warm/hot country and now that I think about it I don't think I ever owned a woolly scarf when I was growing up! This is not to say that SA doesn't have harsh Winter months in some regions and yes it does snow too.

I wanted to knit myself a "first scarf" with different colours.

So, this scarf was born. I want it to be long so I can wrap it round and round my neck for super duper cosy-ness when the wind chill gets up.

I've decided to call it my snail scarf because it reminds me of a snail when I roll it up.

And because it's being knitted here and there at a snail's pace :0)

Oh, and it's giving me an opportunity to have fun with my camera....

Pretending the stripes are landscapes....

And skies...

for my birdies to take flight.

Have a great weekend xox


  1. It's going to be a beautiful scarf when you finish it Penelope. I love the colours and the texture of the wool. I also quite like your little dinosaur.

  2. I agree with Kylie its going to be lovely ;-)) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  3. Brilliant, the scarf and the pretending :D

  4. I love your first scarf, I remember knitting a light blue dk teddy bear scarf for my first project! I've got a stash of lovely left over aran weights from my sister which I am currently contemplating, maybe I will add a simple scarf to the list of maybes.

  5. That scarf looks sooo cosy, and the photos are FAB! Penny xxx

  6. Oh I love it when you have fun with your camera! You remind me how I am being rather lazy with mine. LOL Awesome pictures as usual and the scarf is going to be fabulous! Love the close ups of the edging, each stitch looks perfect!

  7. Your scarf looks beautiful! It's going to be so lovely and cozy when it's done :)

    Katie x

  8. What pretty colours in your scarf and love the little ceramic bird with the heart. I am off to Waa Waa Wools tomorrow for inspiration for what to knit for spring. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Karen X