Sunday, 9 September 2012


Thanks so much for all your comments about my yarn bombing fun, it has made me smile somewhat and I am amazed that it's still intact on the arm of the bench. I think I might just have to bomb some yarn before the end of this year, maybe something bigger and more noticeable... we'll see.

Have you seen this new magazine, The Simple Things from the makers of Mollie Makes? It includes all the simple things that I love in life, my home, eating, growing, making, escaping and just living a simpler life. My new year's resolution was just about this, unwinding and Living Simply. It's not always easy to keep things simple but I do try and lean that way. I look forward to reading this magazine and love what I've already seen so far. Five pounds is a little bit pricey but they do offer a special deal of £5 for the next 3 issues which is a good deal I think and by then I can decide if it's worth the price or not.

So...this post will be to celebrate the simple things that have been giving me joy lately in my life.

Country cycling with Andy and Alice with backpacks and a simple cheese, fruit and bread lunch under a tree.

Buying cheap free range eggs from a local farm to make simple omelettes for tea.

Relaxing with my girly doing some mosaic colouring in and celebrating her brilliant result in her Grade 4 ballet exam with a sweet mouse and tutu bought from a local shop.

Going for a countryside pub sundowner with my Andy. 

Soaking up the last of the Summer rays on the beach and having a little more hooky fun with my covered pebbles.

Loving swallows on a wire

Baking fairy cakes with a chocolate twist(lump of choc in the centre before popping in the oven)
Recipe: Cream 175g butter with 175g brown caster sugar, 3 beaten eggs,add one egg at a time. Fold in 175g self raising powder and bake at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Oh and pop a piece of chocolate in the centre for extra scrumminess - Simple!

And last but not least, stopping to smell the flowers.

Simply perfect.
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead lovelies.
See you all soon.


  1. The simple things are definitely the best. I enjoyed the magazine, although like you I'm not sure the regular cost is an option. I love those mosaic colouring books - I used to have them when I was off ill from school, and my girls now do the same. Scrummy looking cakes too!
    Cathy X

  2. You're surely right, the best things are the simple things....walking in the woods has to be one of my new found pleasures, and what could be more simple?

    I have to remind myself to take a stroll around our garden, as quite often I've missed a flower (probably amongst the jungle of weeds!) which is just perfect, sometimes my three year old walks with me and gets all excited at a new flower or some raspberries growing (our raspberries have never been much cop, and any that do attempt to grow normally get eaten by little people before I see them!)

    Hope you have a lovely week.x

  3. Sounds perfect Penelope. Just what we've been enjoying today - the simple things I mean. Funnily enough I bought that mag when we filled up with petrol on our way to the beach. I wasn't going to get it as I don't like the title - it sounded too obvious to me, but I really like it. Might try the offer too to make up my mind. Seems a bargain as Mike wants to read it too, but then he adores cheese and would rather spend his days making it than go to work.

    Hope all went well with Alice's first few days at High School.


  4. Simple pleasures are the very best kind.

    Well done to Alice on her Grade 4!

  5. Hi Penelope, I am so glad you're looking at doing another yarnbombing event! Fun! Lovely purple dahlias too.

  6. I totally agree: simple pleasures are the best and I think it's splendid when I see children appreciating them too.

    Have fun preparing your next yarn bomb experience!


  7. Ahh, I must get my hands on that magazine, it looks lovely! Have you read Oh Comely? That too is soo soo nice...

  8. OK - Eras of Style it is..2.30pm..look forward to it P! :)

  9. These are just the kind of things I enjoy, Penelope ... and many of them are either free or of very low cost. We enjoy fresh local eggs too (every morning for breakfast in my case!). The cycling you know about - and swallows on a wire are so much fun to watch. (Great shot of those.)

    By all means bomb some more yarn! :)

    P.S. Here in the States we have a magazine called "Real Simple" which I'm sorry to say doesn't seem to have much to do with simplicity. It's full of fashion tips and decorating articles and things that involve spending money. I hope your magazine will prove truer to its theme.