Thursday 18 April 2013

Chunky or skinny?

Hello again

How are you all? I can't quite believe it's Thursday evening again, where does time go? It's been a pretty eventful and busy week for me at work and so I guess this makes time fly by together with trying to get out most evenings with the sunshine we have been having and the joy of the sun setting much later these days. Glorious is it not!

I wanted to share with you my new crafty book that I bought at the end of last week when we were in Brighton. Originally, it was on my Christmas list for 2012, however Santa did not deliver! Well, I've been itching to buy it for so long BUT promised myself that I would not buy it online until I saw a copy first. Believe me, every possible bookshop and knitting/haberdashery shop has been ransacked by the likes of me for this beauty. Alas, to no avail, UNTIL....last Friday!

Oh my giddy goodness, Ms. Mooncie I heart you and your gorgeous patterns. My eyes nearly popped out when I found it in this stunning little shop full of independent artists and crafters hand made beauties amongst other beautiful goodies.

 My heart skipped a beat in all seriousness when I spotted the crochet book I have been coveting for months.

And, so my lovelies, life is downsizing here for a bit while I play with my new teeny crochet hook sizes (0.75mm -1.5mm) and the skinniest DMC cotton in the world...well that is what it feels like to a DK+ size girl living at this here blog!

I've made a cherry brooch for one of Alice's friends over the weekend and am now working with the teeny 1.25mm hook to make a cherry necklace...eesh it's so minute, I think I might need a magnifying glass to help me along.

Just to put some perspective on the matter, here it is in my hand. My fingers feel rather chunky in comparison :o)

Super tiny, but so exciting to have conquered my "fear" of such small hooks. I never normally go beyond a 2.5mm hook. Hopefully, I'll have this finished soon and I can show you my humble efforts. Somehow, I think a lot of practice will be needed here. 

Vanessa Mooncie is one of my crochet heroine's, you can see more of her work on her website Kissy Suzuki where she also has a shop if you fancy purchasing something.

You may have seen my hearts I made from her book on my last post and I simply had to attempt a daffodil too with it being Spring and all.

Not the brightest daffodil going but I love my tweedy Rowan yarn and couldn't resist.

So, what are you my friends? 

Chunky or skinny?

I like me a bit of both me thinks 


See you soon


  1. Penny! How dinky is that cherry! And very fiddley to do it must have been, I'm not even going there!

    And can I also say - what was I saying about glimpses in a previous post? - I love the glimpse you've given us of your lovely ring! Lx

  2. My grannies both crocheted with tiny hooks making beautifully fine crochet which resembled lace so skinny holds a firm place in my heart ... my mother has some beautiful crocheted blouses made by her mother ... they are exquisite ... can't go without saying how beautiful your ring is ... Bee xx

  3. I agree, a bit of both, variety in all things. Sometimes I am in the mood for very fiddly work, so do something dolls house size, other times, and this is prevalent these days with problems with eyes (and patience!) it tends to be chunkier, but not really chunky. 4mm hook on average, or 3.75.

  4. Oh my! I really do need to start to practice my crochet again! Your crochet delights are marvellous, what a great book, we will have to downsize together, I've got a little cupboard I want to live in! Have a great weekend Penny, almost here! :) x

  5. I haven't been brave enough to try anything so tiny, I must be a chunky girl, perhaps it's impatience to see something grow quickly. Your cherry is so wee :) xx

  6. Wow! That is amazingly small. I haven't tried it myself but it's tempting. The shop looks great, one day I shall have to get as far as Brighton for a spot of shopping.
    Have a good weekend

    Penny xxx

  7. I'm totally won over by these ... I love little things!

    Give me a knitting needle of 3mm or less and I'm happy ... wish I could say the same about crochet hooks!

  8. I am skinny at the moment too (oh if only that referred to my thighs) ... working on a magazine commission using #10 thread and a #9 steel hook (which approximates to 1.4mm). It's been years since I've done much thread crochet and it does take some getting used to. But it's a lot of fun.

    Adorable cherries - I do hope you'll post necklace photos, Penny.

    P.S. I love your wide silver ring!

  9. Penny, I think I must be a chunky girl 'cos I'm terrified of going any smaller than 4.0mm! I really would LOVE to crochet teeny tiny things but somehow I can't get over the fear of having such a tiny hook in my hand, and as I get older so my eyesight becomes poorer! I wish I had learnt to crochet when I was a slip of a girl! I am a huge admirer of you and love your blogs. Like your ring too! Just the sort of thing I was looking for about twelve years ago when Mr C suggested he buy me a new ring. Ended up with a celtic knot pattern in two colours of gold. Fabulous in itself but not as lovely as yours. If you ever get tired of it ...?