Friday, 12 July 2013


Hello there, what a crazy busy working week I have had. All good and well and now I can put my rather hot feet up with a glass of wine and enjoy the seaside weekend we have in front of us. 

How was your week? I hope you have been living free and easy and breezy in this beautiful sunny-shine we have been blessed with here in the northern hemisphere. Here are a few captured moments of mine.

Buying the Summer edition of Inside crochet and casting on another shawl whilst reading my magazine and sitting on the beach last weekend. 

Also falling into the temptation of starting yet another crochet project after paging through the magazine. It's full of great patterns this month.

I'm loving this shawl now that I am in shawl making mode :o)

The three of us cannot resist a treat from our very favourite generations run Italian ice-cream parlour and restaurant down the road from where we live, Di Paolo's. They are so lovely and there is something so satisfying supporting a local business and knowing that at least 3 generations of Italians have been running this successful business.

I had strawberry  sorbet, Alice likes hazelnut and Andy likes rum and raisin. What is your favourite flavour ice cream?

Nothing like lolling about on the beach with my crocheted beach cushion!

I was also rather pleased with how my elderflower cordial turned out and packaged some in bottles to give away to special friends.

It is sweet and delicious with some soda water and a sprig of mint, perfect for summer time cordial drinking.

Oh, and  I bought some girly printed bias binding for a little up-cycling of an old winter jumper. I think these pretty blossoms will make me smile when the seasons change.

Here's wishing you all a fabulous weekend


  1. Oh I love ice-cream ... I can't choose a favourite though ... there are so many I love ... I have some of that bias tape too ... bought with nothing in mind ... but I couldn't resist it ... therein lies my problem ;) ... Bee xx

  2. That ice cream looks fantastic. I would probably get the hazelnut. I love your new bias tape, so pretty.

  3. This post just reeks of summer Penny! And I'm loving the colours of your crochet (what's it going to be?) and your knitting.

  4. I love this hot weather - ice cream or no...


  5. Lovely bubbly Penny! All good. Seeing your toetsies in the water makes me want to run down to the beach NOW and splash about. Maybe later, when all the boring chores (and grocery shopping) is done. *hope the sun stays*

    We had our first Di Paolos icecream about 6 weeks ago, and then a second one a few weeks later. I cannot believe we've lived here over 4 years and never bothered to go in there before. Anyway, better late than never, eh. Both times I had the cherry, and something butterscotch? Can't remember what it's called. Actually I just scrolled back up to your picture and I can see it there, in the back row, near the centre. :)

    Your crochet projects look so intricate - and beautiful! How cool to have a craft that you can take with you wherever you go - imagine lugging my sewing machine around! LOL.

    Wishing you a FAB weekend. xx

  6. A lovely summery post Penny and the flowery binding is SO pretty!

  7. At first I read you were going to put your feet in a cold glass of wine, I was thinking that's a waste of wine....I drink mine!!! Oh to dip my toes in the cool ocean right now!! Looks like you've had a super ice cream filled week! :) x

  8. Oh that beautiful blue wool! And the ice cream looks fab too!

  9. really beautiful pictures

  10. Is there no end to your creative talents?? I marvel at how you find the time, and you're so inspiring too. I'm glad you've been enjoying the beach and that gelato place looks amazing. I would choose...I don't know, all of them. I just love ice cream full stop. Have a great week, Penny. xx

  11. Hello Penny,

    all that lovely ice cream - I would spend all day in there sampling each one.

    Nina x

  12. AAhhh Penny you've made me feel very wistful for lazing by the sea on the south coast now. Also now tempted for magazine buying. because there's always the temptation of yet another new project isn't there as I see with you. Mike's favourite is Rum & Raisin (only has icecream if they have that, I'm a honeycomb first, but love hazlenut, strawberry, vanilla and raspberry ripple too. Just like making I flit you see.

    Lisa X