Sunday, 28 July 2013

Before I go

Before I pack my bag (yes, we are travelling lightly, one bag of hand luggage each for 8 nights) to go to abroad, I simply needed to crochet something and you may well have guessed that that something was 5 bunting flags for Lucy and her woolly bunting idea for the first year of Yarndale this year.

I loved rummaging in my stash of left over style craft and other DK yarns last night and included in this pile of yarn was a big ball of white style craft that I have never used. I guess I bought it thinking that I would make one of those very stylish granny square blankets bordered by white yarn one day, but just never got round to it and facing my "fear" of white yarn! When I say fear it's not that severe, I just can't stand the stuff, white yarn gives me the heeby jeeby's, I have no idea why? Anyway, I decided to face my fear and include white in my bunting and to be honest I think the fear factor has come down to about 98% now :O) How  about you? Do you like the white woolly stuff?

So, last night whist catching up with the last two episodes of the Swedish Wallander, I hooked these up. I blocked them this morning and was amazed at how well they turned out with Lucy's steaming method.

I'll be sending these off tomorrow morning and in the meantime, Alice and I have been playing with beads like I used to when I was a teenager and making ankle bracelets.

I can't help the inner hippie in me coming out when I head towards a sunny holiday!

Here's wishing you all a marvellous Summer time and see you when I get back...I've already done my homework and googled all the yarn shops in Barcelona (much to Andy's horror ha ha...well if I must watch Barcelona vs. Brazil in a football match next Friday night then I get to do my thing too! Marriage is all about compromise and balance isn't it? :o) Oh and by the way I found this great blog post about carrying knitting needles and crochet hooks on the aeroplane for any of you lovelies who might be jetting somewhere and cannot bare to part with your needles!

Hasta luego!


  1. I have an inner hippie too and she always gets free when I have a summer holiday. :-)

  2. Have a looooovely time! Your bunting is fab, I'll look out for it if I go! :) x

  3. LOve your bunting.Pop over and have a look at mine?Are you going to Yarndale?

  4. I like your ankle bracelet and your sandals too. Have a great holiday.

  5. Bunting is so cute! You little ankle bracelet is lovely x

  6. Very cute bunting and I love the ankle bracelet ... have a fab holiday ... Bee xx

  7. Have a wonderful time. I'll bet it is going to be beautiful.
    Your bunting is just great.

  8. Love the bunting, but i feel i am a bit old for ankle bracelets. Have a lovely holiday....xx

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  9. Oh dear, despite being 43, I still think I'm 18 in my head and think I will wait till Alice says that's just no longer cool mum before I stop making hippie things :o)

  10. The bunting looks lovely, the white gives it a summery touch! Have a wonderful holiday, we had a couple of days in Barcelona and it's fabulous, would love to go back.

    Penny x

  11. Have a wonderful holiday Penny :)

    White yarn? I can take it or leave it. Ankle bracelets and embracing your inner hippy? Right up my street :)

  12. Good work on the bunting, I couldn't have made 5 flags in one night. I think the white works really well, but if you can't bring yourself to use it why not try cream?

    I love your beads too, bringing out the hippy in me too :)

  13. Have a fabulous holiday lovely Penny! I too made some bunting for Yarndale and I really must post it. Love the beads - I really want an ankle bracelet now...I wonder if I still have my silver toe ring somewhere upstairs...? xx

  14. Love the ankle bracelet :) Have a fantastic holiday!

  15. Lovely bunting and very sweet ankle bracelet too! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.
    M x

  16. I know you'll be in the middle of your hols now, but here's wishing you a great time all the same Penny. Look forward to your pics when you get back.
    I have no white fear, not me. I've never really thought about the lack of white in your work, but now I think about there it was all the time. For me I find it nigh impossible to not include a bit of white in whatever I do so completely the opposite you see.
    Loving the bracelet, the girls would love them.