Friday, 13 September 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 37/52

My dearest blogging friends,
To say that this week was a rollercoaster of emotions is an understatement! I've gone full pelt along the spectrum of extreme happiness to extreme it down to being tired and very busy in my fabulous job? or the fact that the Summer is slipping through our fingers here in the Northern half of the world? or just not really coping with being at work full time, being wife and mum and cleaner and cook? I'm not complaining, I have just struggled a little these past 7 days.

Somehow, having these weekly free, sweet moments posts makes me notice in amongst feeling blue that my life is rich and very colourful and I am truly blessed. Thank you for visiting and sharing with me.

First up, I crawled into bed after a hot bath on Tuesday at 6.30pm! I was super tired from a long 14 hour Monday and needed to be warm and cosy under the covers with cups of tea, Alice reading to me and my crochet hook. I managed to make a few more colourful covered pebbles for her friends who have asked for one as a "pet rock" and especially favoured the yellow one thinking of the sunshine and warmth I was craving. Here it's pictured on a piece of Lucien Day wrapping paper I bought a while back. I adore her designs and this mustardy one gives me the thrills especially.

I made some of our favourite spicy carrot and lentil soup from this easy recipe and it was delicious with hot crusty bread and butter, just what the chills doctor ordered. I love that Alice loves this simple meal too, we have got her into eating more and more spicy foods because we love them so.

I scrambled up into my attic last Saturday afternoon and sewed Alice a vintage sheet and recycled fabric patchwork cushion for her up and coming 13th birthday. A lot of the vintage sheet pieces came from the lovely Ada at Vintage Sheet Addict (thank you so much Ada, they are so pretty). I always like to give Alice a little something homemade from her mama for her birthdays. She likes cushions on her bed so hopefully this will be a cherished one too.

Once again, just some simple delicious food for lunches, add some mozzarella and a wee bit of pesto and yum, I could eat sandwiches like this forever. Simple, but scrummy.

A little visit to the Vintage/Antique warehouse around the corner from us called Eras of Style for coffee and cake on Saturday afternoon with Andy whilst Alice was at ballet was lovely. These mostly German vases made me smile.

I've also been working on some more granny crochet squares for a friend of mine's blanket which I think will take the whole Winter to do! and of course the second arm of my scrappy cardigan which I'm plugging away at. Alice is watching me like a hawk to make sure I don't rush out and purchase some more yarn to start yet another project :o)

I do hope you are all well and that you haven't felt too blue this week with the cooler temperatures? I hope this weekend will give me the rest I need and look forward to chilling out and visiting your blogs.

Happy days to you all wherever you are


  1. Sorry you have been feeling yucky this week. I think it is the time of year, sad to see summer slipping away, autumn not really here yet and now this dratted rain.
    Hope that you feel better next week. I love the cushion, but I really love that pet rock! Housetrained, cheap to feed and no carer needed when you are on holiday. The ideal pet!!

  2. I have been suffering with a severe lack of hours in the day, this week too! Funny how it goes like that sometimes. I can't see the weekend improving either! Oh well - I hope your weekend is calmer. :)
    However, I have a new bed, which means once I get to bed - it feels like heaven! x

  3. Aw, lets hope it's just the change in season (it is cold isn't it now!) and adjusting to changes in your work-life :( I'm sure you'll get into a routine and balance soon, but if not then you need to look at what you can change to make you happy! :)

  4. I'm sorry you've been feeling down, Penny. I hope you're feeling perkier again soon. I could really stand to crawl into bed early one of these nights. There's really nothing stopping me; both kids are in bed by 7:30. I really need to just do it. The soup sounds so good, thank you for sharing the recipe. I have bookmarked it and will try it soon.

  5. It'll be a combination of all those things Penny but the good news is it won't last and hopefully the weekend will give you some breathing space. Big hugs x Jane P.S. I love the yellow rock!

  6. Hello Penny...I am feeling for extra kind to yourself this weekend...much more soup more crochet and early nights....recipe for a happier you ...bestest love...Daisy j x

  7. Wow, love your pretty cushion Penny. I'm sure Alice will be thrilled. Hope next week is a bit quieter. Thanks for finding time to comment over at mine.
    Jacquie x

  8. Lovely to have 'new' family heirlooms, Penny, and I'm sure this little cushion will become a favourite. I have tried over the years to be philosophical about the 'blue days' and now they happen less often, but show the really good ones up in high relief! So there is an up-side to your down-sides!
    Have a lovely weekend and don't let the wind and rain bedraggle your emotions! Lx

  9. The approach of winter also makes me feel a bit down in the dumps - and here in Johannesburg we cannot really speak of "winter". I think it is the drabness of the season that gets to us colourful souls?! Chin up though - you get to snuggle under gorgeous wooly makes and eat lots and lots of hot spicy food! Hugs and some virtual sunshine from Sunny South Africa!

  10. I love your little pebbles with their crochet jackets, very sweet! Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    M x

  11. Take it easy lovely ... wishing you a happy yellow filled week to come ;) ... Bee xx

  12. I reckon I need an Alice ... I have startitis too. I seem to have gone from not really wanting to knit at all to wanting to knit everything! I'll now not be knitting 'cos I'm spoilt for choice!!

    So much to love in this post ... the crochet stones, avocados (yum!), those pots ... but much to dislike in your feeling under par and kinda blue. Wishing you happy dear Penny, and lots of chances to rest x

  13. Oh Penny, I am so sorry you are feeling blue. The onset of darker evenings can make me feel anxious if I don't keep a check on it, but there is so much good to be found in autumn I always think. Like soups and crochet! And being cosy. You have my full admiration for working full time and fitting in everything else that you do, your time management must be excellent. Take care of yourself though, and I hope that this week feels less frenetic and a little more balanced. xx

  14. I think it's all about the cosy at the moment. It's the only thing that's getting me through these darker and colder days...and nights.

    take care,

    Nina x

  15. Oh Penny! I am sorry that the weeks have been less than kind to you but I hope now that you are coming back to your super self! It's so easy to get overwhelmed isn't it... I know I stretch myself too thin and then feel exhausted trying to put it all back together but we do have our outlets and spaces and being creative is my happy place! It looks like it is yours too!

    Your bag is very pretty and well done you for making such a beautiful piece... I for one would be very happy to get a Christmas pressie like that! You should definitely make more! :) Hazel x

  16. So happy to have found your blog!! Your patchwork cushion is perfect... I like the way you used the vintage embroidered piece as the center.. It's hard when those blue days come around especially after being so happy -- they just seem so much more blue! I know that autumn brings out the blues in me and, when that happens, I try hard to focus on the cosiness of this very special season just like you are doing!....