Saturday, 1 February 2014

Happy February (and a winner)

 Happy February everyone! 

Today we woke up to sunshine, followed by a hailstorm, rain and now we have sunshine   again with very blustery wind. To say that January has been crazy busy is an           understatement for me, I have not been able to be as creative as I would have liked, but then again, I have a achieved a few other things. I have been very busy in my job and this has left me rather tired and drained, needing the weekends to recover. 

I have achieved a few of my January goals which feels good, Andy and I managed to have a date night last Saturday and it was really good fun and we realised how important it is to make special time for each other in our busy lives. I started doing a pretty intensive exercise class three times a week and going for a run once a week, I sorted my eyebrows out :o) and made the dreaded dentist appointment for February (2014 is going to be the year of my teeth!) and last but not least finished my January #theyearinbooks and did a huge charity shop sort out.

I have also been really enjoying Instagram here and have made these collages of some of my January insta-gramming. I am not sure about the app that I chose to make these collages, they haven't come out quite as neat as I would normally choose, I will keep searching for a good app for my iPad. Maybe you use a good one you could suggest?

I hope that January has treated you well and a HUGE thank you for following along and entering my giveaway. Once again, you are all so lovely I would love to give you all a little parcel in the post, but alas Mr. Random number generator has taken that out of my hands and voila, the number it generated was FOUR..... that's the lovely Sarah of Mitenska a simple blog from the blustery north. Congratulations Sarah, please can you email ( me your address and I will pop the giveaway in the post to you.
I am going to go back to beavering away at my comfort crocheting granny square blanket while we wait for the next unpredictable weather surprise. Take gentle care and see you all soon xox

Ps. Sorry about all the weird typing in the first paragraph, blogsy is doing weird stuff today!



  1. Wow! I was just reading this post and admiring your photos and thinking how industrious you've been despite being so busy at work, then I spotted I've won the giveaway!!! Thank you so much, Penny - and thank you for your kind comments over on my blog too.
    Will email you my address. Exciting!
    Sarah x

  2. I love all your photos, I can spy lots of lovely crochet in them!

  3. Blogger is messing with my photo uploading too, Penny - what does it get into its head every now and then for heaven's sake! I love your photo mosaics - I have no idea how to do that and I wish I could; had no idea either you could get apps for it! Eh, you live and learn. So glad you enjoyed your date night - you are so right it is important to keep that spark alive!! And we are enjoying bright sunshine here in West Norfolk, too. Way to go February! Lx

  4. Hi Penny, it sounds like you have been busy busy in January. I love your collages. The weather has been strange here today too although it now seems to have settled on very wet and grey. Crocheting sounds like the perfect way to spend a day like today!
    Marianne x

  5. Looks like you've had a lovely colourful months wonderful pictures, (I use picmonkey to make my mosiacs) We also had another awful storm last night gatteing tired of all the wind and rain really. Have a good weekend
    Clare x

  6. This all sounds wonderfully positive, Penny! I'm curious to know which sort of physical exercise you are doing three times a week.

    Ahh, teeth! I had one of those years a couple of years ago although mine was a case of periodontal treatment. I won't even begin to tell you how much money I spent. It was all worth it in the end though

    Warmest wishes for a fabulous February.


  7. Looks like you've had a busy, fun January, love the blue woolly brooch nestled in your lovely pics, x

  8. Sounds as though you have had an enjoyable and productive January and very busy too! I hope that February is enjoyable and productive but perhaps a little less busy! Good luck with the teeth. Congratulations to Sarah for winning your lovely giveaway. xx

  9. We had similarly barmy weather today, I woke up to gorgeous sunshine and ended with rain (and a leaking gutter!)

    I can't figure out how to use my instagram photos on my blog so I'll have to look for an app too.

    Hope you've had a restful weekend so far :-)

  10. The weather's been all over the place here today, but at least we saw a little sun, which is better than most days recently.

    Good luck with all the dentistry ... last year seemed to be all about that for me ... not fun at the best of times. Good luck Penny :)

  11. That all makes for a very positive start to the new year. The sun's put in an appearance here and is helpfully highlighting all the dust!

  12. Lovely pics Penny! and so well done on the eyebrows...I too am having a February "teeth" month and I too am dreading it...goood luck with yours!
    Daisy xx

  13. Congratulations to mitenska. Happy February to you too, Penny.

  14. Where did January go? Lovely images here Penny.....I like the sound of a date night, we try and watch a film together, perhaps a bottle of wine if budget can stretch to it, and we ALWAYS light the candles! The girls are great, they know its our night and they don't bother us! :) x

  15. Penny what a fabulous post, loved it. January has been a long month and it has been hard to get things going but hopefully spring is on the way and we will all have more energy. A great read Penny, thanks so much. Big hugs

  16. Love your instagram collages, it's so nice to look back over the month. You've reminded me that I need to do the same. I use instaport to upload all the images onto my laptop then I can play around with collages on picmonkey. You've done well with your January list considering how busy you are, you should be pleased with yourself. :-) xx

  17. I like your collages, its lovely to see your pics altogether, it makes you see how much you've done. The weather has been awful here too, and with the wind behind the tides, we've had some corker journeys, the best one on Monday to school where the water was almost over my tyres, but I am certainly determined as the boys were saying, we just won't go today mum! Sounds like you've done loads this month, well done, how satisfying! I've sorted a load of clothes some to other mums some for charity, so nice to get space back. My lovely hubby is off to Fishoek on Tuesday for three weeks to see his folks, I am going to miss him , dreading itreally but he will have a marvellous time, he hasn't been there since he was 12.