Monday 1 March 2010


This weekend has left me speechless! This is the literal truth as I have entered the world of experiencing the inability to express myself witout physical pain. You guessed it yet ? I have a stonking chest infection with laryngitis to kill the vocal chords. It has made me contemplate what it means to me to have a voice and how I completely rely on speech for expression, needless to say I think I have entered my beloved A's world where quietness reigns with his choice of speech despite the unquietness of his feelings and thoughts. I see the lesson in this and will attempt to curb my excessive passion for speech (which can defnitely get me into trouble at times!)and be more reflective in this busy, noisy world.
Oh well, thats enough rambling ... back to the old fashioned remedy of crochet blankie (do you like te colours I made this with ?), lemsip, feeding a cold (see postcard i found in a junkshop last year)and sucking on Jakemans original throat sweets since 1907.