Tuesday 22 June 2010

Happiness is ...

Making a little 'merci' heart for a big thank you to a special friend from the heart ! 

Friday 18 June 2010

Stay at home mummy

This week has been such an exceptional rollercoaster of emotion and sleeplessness and worry about our little Allypops. She has been very dizzy, woozy, with headaches, loss of balance and unable to concentrate on reading at the beginning of the week. We have had excellent care from the paediatric team at our local hospital and after ECG, blood pressure checks and bloods being taken (ouch! for the first time in her little life)she has been diagnosed with viral labyrinthitis and thank God is ok and on the mend. This has made me a stay at home mum for most of this week and it has been so different and special with me looking after her and getting to be mummy nurse.

It also called for some baking biscuits to make it all better. Such an easy butter based biscuit recipe which we made into love hearts and added 100's and 1000's for happiness and crunch ! Ahh that's better, cup of tea and biscuits makes all woozy-ness easier to cope with xox