Monday, 3 September 2012


We escaped to the Cotswolds for a few days last week and it was sheer BLISS to let the wind blow us westwards to Gloucestershire to re-unite with old friends and the beautiful lush green country side. 

Not only is it about creating beautiful memories and the reminiscing about our South African days when we were in our early twenties, it's about celebrating and embracing the beauty of our lives here in this place we call home and those of our children.

It all ended in a few salty tears.
Until it happens again...


  1. That looks wonderful. Beautiful photographs x

  2. Magical photos - seems you captured the heart of your time away. And what a stunningly beautiful place.

  3. Your photos tell their own story, magical memories! Ada :)

  4. Ah, Penelope, wonderful photos, and yes, as Wendz says, you've captured the essense of your holiday here, and created happy memories. Tears are good, shows how much it meant to you.


  5. Looks like the perfect idyll - beautiful pictures Penelope.
    Victoria xx

  6. That does look like the perfect break. How wonderful that you could really get away from it all and visit good friends into the bargain :D

  7. How lovely to see your old friends and have a proper catch up and reminisce! Your photos say you had a wonderful time....I love fhe cottage with the heart door ornament.

    Have a good week.x

  8. What a beautiful post hon! I have enjoyed seeing all these pics from the other side of the world - just lovely.

    Have a fabulous week,

  9. Such gorgeous pictures and so many memories - it feels like it was just last week that we went too 'oh hang on' it was...giggle.

    Here's to memories and the Cotswolds,

    Nina xxx

    ps. Ooohhhh - maybe we did. When did we go - it was on the Friday soooo that would of been the 31st. We went for lunch and it was lovely. N x

  10. What a lovely, lovely set of photos - too many to properly comment on them all! I especially liked the tiny pink blossom, and the axe in the chopping block.

    So glad you had a wonderful visit with friends.