Saturday, 29 March 2014

Goodbye March

Is it really heading towards the end of March? It all feels like it's been rather busy for me and doesn't seem to be getting any easier and I don't think I will be blogging as much as I would like to in the coming weeks as we are hoping and praying that we might be able to sell our wee house for another lovely home we have found. I will try and pop in as much as I can, but work has become more manic and there just never seems to be enough hours in the day does there? Hey oh, the sun is shining here on the south east Coast and I am loving hanging my washing out and airing the house with fresh sun kissed breezes.

Here are some of my Instagram pics from March to show you a little of what I have been up to...

I am doing a little crochet a granny square workshop at the end of April and so have been rolling lots of little balls of different coloured balls of yarn and making sample granny squares to show and explain the process

We have been taking advantage of the Spring sunshine and having tea beside the sea

Playing with pretty pastel buttons

Sipping pink lemonade for a sore throat and tidying up the house to have photos taken by the estate agent

Finishing off my March read for #theyearinbooks whilst drink love mugs of tea

Treating myself to a pretty ceramic birdy necklace and beginning to crochet a jute bag which is rather stiff and ouch fingers to make, but hopefully worth it in the end :o)

Doing a fun swap organised by Jo and swapping with Hannapat, it was so delightful to get happy snail mail with Easter chocolates, little CK soaps and not one, but two handmade pins from Hannapat. Thank you so much it really was a delight to come home to see the package waiting for me.

Last, but not least my funny little needle felted Easter hen I made last Saturday which was great fun and I will show you more in my next post, together with some chopping up of fabrics and enjoying the beauty of crochet doilies

I do hope you are enjoying the warmth and energy the sun is giving us at the moment and thank you always for popping in


Happy Days!


  1. I know just what you mean - I keep popping by and reading blogs, but am so busy at work that there isn't enough time to sit down and post my own thoughts! Oh well - shouldn't complain - it pays the bills.
    Good luck selling your house - a little sunshine always helps. It's shining here too - and is glorious.
    Have a great weekend. x

  2. Good Luck with the house sale Penny, I love all your photos , so glad you found time to share them.
    Jacquie x

  3. Some gorgeous images and thanks for the swap it was fun. Good luck with the house sale and fingers crossed it all works out for you my dear. Xxx

  4. Lots of lovely things to look at here Penny....good luck with the house selling! :) x

  5. Sending up positive signal flags that all goes well with the sale of your home and that you will soon be in your new place.
    I've loved looking at all of the beauty here, thanks. I know what you mean about time and blogging. I've been missing in action for ages.
    Best of luck and sending prayers as well.

  6. I really enjoyed being part of the swap, it was fun. Good luck with the sale of your house.

  7. Good luck with house selling. Don't think I want to ever move again so hang on and keep calm with the selling process. Your photos are beautifully colourful.

  8. I totally fell in love with that bird necklace! Where did you get it? It is so adorable.
    I wish you good luck with the sale of your house. :)

  9. Well, we're still waiting for warmth in Wisconsin, but at least the snow is melting! I don't know how you get so much done at the same time that you're trying to sell your house. Best of luck.

  10. I hope the house selling works out for you Penny ... love your photos and all your gorgeous makes ... Bee xx

  11. I do love your birdy necklace, and lovely crochet as always. Good luck with selling your house, I'm looking for something bigger, but first, I need to save up a deposit. Sigh!

  12. Your necklace is lovely! I hope that the house sale goes well and that you find a buyer very soon and that you love your new home when you get there! xx

  13. So many lovely pics and I the little birdie bnecklace is adorable, good luck with the house sale
    Clare xx

  14. Yep, the time thing, I know what you mean! Good luck with the house sale, I really hope it all goes through.That ceramic bird necklace is gorgeous. xx

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