Sunday 8 December 2013

52 weeks of Happy 49/52

What a week! I wasn't even sure that I was going to do my weekly blog post of happy moments this week after hearing about the death of Nelson Mandela, but as they say life must go on and my goodness I have been reading a book of quotes that I have had for ages quoting this great man and it's really inspired me to try and just make small differences in my life which will have a positive benefit on others lives. May he rest in peace.

So here are some photos from my last week...

Sunsets along our coast and from my window at work (taken on my phone, not doing them real justice). I love the rapidly changing colours of oranges and pinks in the Winter sky.

I went up to a work related meeting in London on Tuesday and got there half an hour early so went for a 20 minute wander and took some more photos on my phone.

I love the proteas in the picture above and could have got lost in amongst all those flowers and colours.

I have casted on a new cardigan for my niece for Christmas with some Debbie Bliss Aran. Gorgeous to knit with.

Our lovely Alice has been making paper decorations for the house.

And last, but not least I wore my Mandela skirt to work on Friday.

Hope you all have a great week ahead. We are planning to put our tree up mid-week hopefully. Thank you always for visiting and your kind comments.

See you soon


  1. I love those paper decorations.What a great idea.

  2. I like the paper snowflake - something else to try! Love the skirt too x

  3. How cool is that skirt?! nice to catch up with you. Jo x

  4. You have had an emotional but life-affirming week by the looks of it. I love that skirt, and I feel very lucky to be able to tell my daughter about Nelson Mandela's life, that I was alive and here to witness such significant moments of his life, and I can only imagine your experiences are 100 times more meaningful since you really were there! Enjoy your week and crafty inspirations, Chrissie x

  5. Some good happies Penny! The sunsets are beautiful, as are all the pretty things that you photographed in London. I am glad for you that you were able to remember Nelson Mandela in your skirt on Friday. I hope that this week is a little less emotional for you! xx

  6. Hi Penny, we have had some stunning sunsets here too, thanks to the bright days....most unusual I think !
    I love your Mandela skirt and Alice's beautifully made decorations. I think you must be a super speedy knitter to be able to complete a cardi before Christmas. I'm crocheting hot water bottle covers for the boys, but I haven't finished the first one yet ....better get a move on :0)
    Jacquie x

  7. Your phone takes great photos, the sunsets at the moment are awe inspiring. Love the paper decorations, we have the snowflake one here too!

  8. My in-laws were in Jo-burg when they announced Nelson Mandela's death, it is certainly one of those times when you will remember where your were. The boys have been asking about him, its hard for them to understand how a world can allow such inequality to exist.

    Love your sunsets....its that time of year, I've stopped to take pics too, although I never have my camera with me and my phone is rubbish! Have a good week Penny!

  9. Beautiful sky pictures there Penny, and I love your skirt too, great man :) x

  10. Hey Penny. Love your skirt too. I wore my Madiba tshirt on Friday. May he rest in peace. God bless our country of birth.

  11. Beautiful pictures Penny, love the paper decorations and of course your amazing skirt.

  12. Lovely happy things! I love the photo of those flowers especially.
    Marianne x

  13. I love that you wore your skirt to work, how fabulous! I have been drinking in every sunrise and sunset we've had lately, there have been some spectacular ones this week. x

  14. Hello lovely Penny and thank you for your long message on my blog. I have been feeling much the same this week, it feels like we have all lost a member of our family, it is quite surreal. It just goes to show what a wonderful man he was to impact on so many lives around the world. I love your skirt, it is fab! Did you make it?? Enjoy your week and putting up your tree. xoxo

  15. Lovely post, love the colours on your pics. An important and wonderful person for this planet has gone, but he has left behind a big and great legacy which is up to us to follow and keep alive.

    Lluisa xx