Thursday 13 February 2014

Three colours blue

Hello again, how has your week been so far? I have had a rather manic week at work and somehow I think my body knows that I am having half term off next week and decided to let its defences down and along came a nasty cold! Hey oh, that's life I guess :o)

As you know I've been hooking away at my comfort crochet granny square blanket and last weekend I had the perfect excuse to interrupt it with a friends up and coming birthday on Monday. She is a colleague who is from Australia and whom I noticed didn't have any gloves, more specifically fingerless ones so she could carry on texting and instagraming her friends and family back home.

So I popped up into the attic to see what was in my leftover yarn stash and I immediately found myself drawn to these 3 shades of blue. My default colour for sure!

So Saturday night saw me hooking away and Sunday I finished them up. I used a 4mm hook with both the Aran blue and DK blue using 33 chain stitches plus 2 to start crocheting double crochet stitches up and down in 3 colours of blue and one creamy colour. It was so satisfying making these, quick and easy and pleasing to the eye.

I sewed them up on their sides leaving a space for the thumb and voila, they were done!

It felt like something was missing so I asked Alice what she thought, sew a pretty button on or crochet a wee flower, she suggested a flower in the brightest blue and so they were made and added to the fingerless gloves.


I still wasn't 100% sure if the 'naked' flowers looked ok and so I put them on Instagram for some other lovely opinions and all in all it was decided that I leave them just for what they were. Needless to say, my colleague loved them and I was pleased to know that they were the first ever pair of home made gloves she had received in her sweet 30 years of life x

Last, but not least as I said we got to meet our new nephew Fyfe Andrew last Sunday afternoon. I managed to find this pretty bunch of flowers in Marks in the morning and unfortunately I didn't manage to finish knitting a wee newborn hat with my new charity shop needles for the little chap, I hope to finish what I started this weekend and will send it in the post next week.

He slept for the 3 hours that we visited for and so I didn't get to have a cuddle, next time though I won't be able to leave without a proper cuddle x It's so easy to forget how tiny new babes are, I especially love their sweet little fingers and toes x

I'll say cheerio for now, welcome to new followers, thanks so much for visiting and see you all soon




  1. As you know I loved your wrist warmers on Instagram ... the colours are lovely ... blue is definitely my colour too ... and your little nephew is beautiful ... Bee xx

  2. Hi Penny, love your wrist warmers ...the colours are perfect and the little flower is such a sweet touch.
    What a very cute baby :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. I think the wrist warmers are just gorgeous. I admired them on instagram but was curious to know how you made them, so thank you for that. I want to try something similar with my cashmerino leftovers.

    Huge congratulations on the birth of your nephew, how gorgeous is he! New babies make me terribly broody, I must say. x

  4. I love your wrist warmers - the addition of the flower is perfection! I've not knit with much blue yarn since I started knitting. But you are making me want to rush out and get some right now.... If only the yarn shop were open tonight - and there was not over a foot of snow on the ground. But as soon as I can get out - blue yarn will be mine! And....
    That baby is beyond precious!

    Linda in VA

  5. Those are just lovely and the wee flowers are fab! As for your wee nephew - he's so gorgeous, I think I'd have woken him up just so I could cuddle him! Have a happy weekend,

  6. Beautiful wrist warmers and a lovely, thoughtful gift for your friend. Your new wee nephew is just adorable.
    Marianne x

  7. Beautiful wrist warmers! I think I'm going to attempt something similar soon :)

  8. I love those blues together - the flowers look great. And Fyfe is just scrumptious. Hope you get a cuddle next time! x

  9. Isn't he just a beautiful boy? Wow, newborns are so precious. Love the mitts and your friend is going to love them too. Your edges are so straight, I am a bit jealous of your crochet skills.

  10. Beautiful! What a truly special gift, you are so kind, and the colours are beautiful! And a very handsome lad you can't wait for that cuddle! Chrissie x

  11. Penny....the blue is gorgeous my favourite colours too.....D x

  12. Penny I adore your colours as they are so classy and the little Peep looks so contented, well done. Have a fabulous weekend, loves and hugs

  13. The warmers are lovely and what a lovely reminder for your colleague/friend of their trip to see you!! Every time they use them I am sure that they will remember your kindness. Fyfe looks as though he is very contented, and I am sure that he will be even happier once he is wearing your hat! xx

  14. Love the fingerless gloves, lovely thoughtful gift, and the flowers set them off perfectly. I so enjoy wearing the ones I've made, very practical when you're out and about.

    Oooh,what a cutey! And a great name too.....come on Penny get knitting there are tiny heads to be kept warm!x

  15. What a sweet friend you are ... those mitts are gorgeous! As is that adorable child ... how could you leave without a cuddle!

    Have a lovely weekend Penny :D

  16. I agree with Annie, dear Penny! You are a wonderful friend and your blue mittens will definitely chase away the huge rain clouds. Infact I can see the blue skies and sunshine this morning! Hurrah!

    Adorable baby! Welcome to this world.


  17. Penny just popping in to say you won my giveaway! congrats can you email me your address and i will post it off asap, my email is on the blog under contact in side bar,,,!
    d x

  18. Why is it that colds always seem to strike at the weekend or when you're on holiday! Your fingerless mittens gift was very thoughtful (I love that you thought about her keeping in touch with home!) and I bet they went down a storm :-) Your instagram followers were right, the flowers were just perfect

  19. What a lovely gift, very pretty colours and the flowers are the perfect thing to finish them off :) xx

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