Wednesday 1 December 2010

Choices choices ...

Lovely, lovely people, hello, how are you? It's still snowing loads here on the south coast and today, school has closed, roads are icy and Alice has a temperature... so what does that mean ? A stay at home day, wrap Alice up in bed with hot water bottle and Rahl Dahl story CD's,  catch up with some of my dietetic reading and project work, some  Christmas crafting when Alice feels up to it and hopefully time to do a little of my own knitting or crochet xox

So this is what it looks like down my road this morning

My poor rose bush has desperately tried to flower so late this year and now has no chance of blooming in the snow

Unfortunately, Alice isn't up to any more of this today but hopefully if she is feeling better by the end of the week, some more sledging can happen

In view of the snow, some quick chunky "snow" hats had to be knitted over the weekend for me and Alice, these took about 3 hours in total to make and are ever so warm with Angora and merino

Mine is quite slouchy but really warm 

Now for choices, choices... Mr. A really loves the 1970's and a lot of our music/furniture/fixtures etc come from this era. Well we were born in 1970 and 1971 so I guess we are allowed to revel in this decade! Our crockery is also included in the equation and Kathy Winkle's designs are favoured in this house. I was wondering if you could tell me which of these 2 plate designs of hers you prefer? I'm going with the blue and Mr. A likes the brown, if he had his way he would fill our house with brown, mustard and orange from the 70's.

So what would you choose?
{You may have even had these in your home at sometime?}

Poor Alice is going to have a warped idea of what was around in her childhood as we don't do modern.

The other choice is tidy or not to tidy, a definite question! I like a lot of order in our small terraced home as there is little storage space, so things have a "home"  to try and stay/live in and then there is a little part of me that likes disorder and messy living and at the moment it looks like the top of my chest of drawers is truly representing this.

Oh well, we'll see how the day pans out, got to go as a little person is calling.

Hope your week is full of joy and small serendipitous  happenings and not to many choices to make xox


  1. I am also a 1970 girl but not sure If I share your husbands colours of choice! However I do love the geometric designs and would definitely go with the blue.

    Jo x

  2. My Mum and Dad are still using the top plate in your photos! Hope Alice feels better soon.

  3. I hope Alice starts feeling better soon..I would go with the blue. Also, I say tidy. I think everything should have it's place.

  4. Love the hats and photos!

  5. Hello Penelope!!!
    Firstly the plates.... while I'm not a fan of Andy's colour choices as a "life theme" I'm sorry but I prefer the brown plates only because of the patterns, I love the 4 circles. I would definitely choose the blue if it had that pattern!
    Love the hats! yours looks so soft and snuggly, and wow, your street looks freezing! All these pics are making me feel cold!
    Have a lovely weekend and hope Alice gets better soon XXXXX

  6. A bit late but I've just found your blog.
    Although I would normally choose blue I prefer the pattern on the brown one. I can remember that from the 70s as the four circles reminded me of cooker hob!