Friday 3 December 2010

Snowy days

Hello all you clever crafty people, thank you very much for visiting my blog, your comments are so welcome and I just love popping into your worlds too. How is the land where you are, all blue and green or white and brown? Yesterday, it was Mr. A's turn to be a stay at home daddy and I trudged my way to work through this

It took me about 1/2 an hour and to be honest with you I really enjoyed the silence of no cars, children having snow ball fights and making snowmen and seeing everyone walking again. It really made me think about how we forget in this modern age to do what we were designed to do i.e. walk rather than jump in the car to go round the corner! {I must stop before I get on my high horse about modern life!}

I loved that as I stepped out the front door the snow came up to my knees, so exciting for myself as a South African having been brought up with dreaming about snow in tropical Durban when I was a child.

Anyway, I managed to get to gym on the way home and had a fresh renewed energy for being back home.

I simply love all the red and green in the snow, perfect for the beginning of December festivities.

Our lovely Alice had had enough of doing "boy things" and wanted to get crafting with me and had decided that felt was the way to go.... so out came the felt box

And we decided to make a felt heart for our Christmas tree. I wanted Alice to get used to needles as she gets fearful of pricking her fingers, so she hand sewed this together with some mummy help...

We are so pleased with how it turned out, it might just become a handmade by Alice and Penelope Christmas gift for loved ones. It was super duper easy to do, all you need to do is cut out a template for any heart size you like and if you have pinking scissors cut out a heart and then a smaller one for the centre and embellish it with whatever you choose, buttons, bells, more hearts etc. We sewed this 3/4 way up and then stuffed it with cotton wool balls! A knitting needle make the perfect "stuffing" instrument to help you get into those tiny corners ;0)

Meanwhile, last night's snuggling indoors brought on inspiration for a new, quick knitting project for  Alice's Scottish granny's hands, some tweed fingerless gloves for this Christmas from this gorgeous yarn at £5.40 a ball(!!!) I managed to squeeeeeeeze out of my purse (without Mr. A looking of course :o)

It's quite course, but so warm and lovely to knit with...

I thought I might incorporate a cable for effect and I am pleased with it, so hopefully I'll be able to reveal a finished piece of work soon.

Well, that's me this morning, I now need some of this which I discovered the other day (don't you just love the packaging and colours x),then to wrap up and some family snow fun to be had

Hope you all have a blissful weekend and see you soon xox


  1. It looks like you've had a lot more snow than us. I love that little heart, your daughter must be so pleased with it. Have a great weekend x

  2. So far, no snow here in Maryland, USA. Last year we had quite alot so maybe this year we'll be spared.

    I love the heart ornament your daughter made - she did a great job. :)

  3. just found your lovely blog via Victoria at yarn round hook - lovely photos and I love your sweet bird background on your banner - Elaine x

  4. We have rain here but the snow will come to stay soon. Such pretty crafty bits you've made!

  5. Such beautiful snow on the houses! I feel like getting a few balls of that Rowan felted tweed! Maybe a hat?

  6. Beautiful snowy pictures - I love it too when life slows down a fair few paces and all are huddled up inside.

    take care and have a lovely week,

    Nina xxx

  7. love the look of what you're knitting, & i've been after some of that fruity porridge but can't seem to find any round my way!

  8. What a sweet-heart! And the knitting is beautiful! Nice cable!

  9. What a fab heart, your daughter's done lovely neat stitching.
    I must say that pink car looks great in the snow.