Saturday 29 January 2011

Alice, you are from Wonderland

Hello everyone, nice to to back writing a quick post just because I want to record some of the many, special little things that Alice makes for me. She is my Wonder(land)ful girl whom I adore and each and every day I feel so privileged and blessed to be her mother and best friend xox

This week she has been rehearsing many an hour for her annual performing arts school production at the De la Warr Pavillion in mid-February. She is in Junior musical theatre and Grade 4 ballet which she loves and is looking forward to this year's production of...

I will be chaperoning for all but 1 show which we will be watching on the Wednesday night. It's hard work chaperoning but good fun and well worth getting involved behind the scenes. Her performing arts school is amazing in that everyone who attends classes can participate in the annual productions no matter what shape, size, ability you are. The only roles you have to audition for are the acting parts. It always proves to be well worth attending and thoroughly good entertainment for gloomy mid-February.

Alice and I do many things together and I am really enjoying teaching her how to knit, she is getting better with smaller needles now and even whispered to me that she is considering joining her year 5 knitting club on Wednesdays which I am secretly hoping she will ;0) You go girl!

This week when I went to my Pilate's class I got home to find that she had been using these lovely traditionally covered crayons we put in her stocking this Christmas...

I really am sentimental about my childhood and love anything retro/vintage and even though I know that Alice has moved beyond crayons onto pastels/acrylic paints/watercolours I just HAD to buy these for her stocking as they remind me of hot, hazy childhood memories and the big joy something so simple can bring!

Where was I?.... oh yes I came home to find this really sweet drawing sitting on our bed where she knew I would find it

Thank you my sweetest heart
You know me oh so well xox


  1. Hej Penelope
    Awwwww what a lovely sweet post!
    Little girls really are heaven sent.
    Mine will be 20 next month, I am staying with her tomorrow night in S'holm en route to London can't wait!
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your wonderful daughter
    We are blessed

  2. What a lovely post!, I'm guessing Alice is a similar age to my daughter Lucie (10), who is also in grade 4 ballet and will be in a production of Swanlake in May. I know I will cry when i see her on the stage. Lucie has just mastered crochet, its so nice to have something we both enjoy together.
    Heres hoping that once they hit the dreaded teens they don't change too much from the sweet young ladies they are today. xx

  3. What a sweet picture and a very sweet post! She must be a special girl. I just found your blog and think you take beautiful photos!

  4. Oh how I love that your daughter's school has a knitting club.
    And I do love her drawing.
    x Sandi

  5. So sweeeeeeeeet!!! Love your post, it's lovely as your Alice's drawing!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!
    LS, xxx

  6. what a sweet card, one to keep I think!! I have 2 of the blue variety, it's all football and wrestling in my house X

  7. what a sweet post penelope! It's lovely that you and Alice have such a loving relationship, I think there is something to be said for having one child... Karen thinks that if we ever have kids we need two so they can amuse each other, but I think one is nice, you get to really nurture that child and it is so obvious that you nurture your lovely Alice!

  8. A lovely post which made me feel wistful for childhood and the delights I miss from wonderful Sussex. In fact each time I visit your blog I want to pack our bags and come back. Your daughter sounds a delight. You're clearly putting some great ingredients in the mix.


  9. So wonderful to see all of the creativity showing itself with your young Alice. My daughter has always been close to me as well and she's now all grown up and we're always having fun together. There's nothing finer.