Monday 10 January 2011

Meep, minnie mouse and musings

Hello, welcome,thank you so much to all of you who visit and have a little time to send me comments and and views and advice. It's so good to meet like-minded people throughout the world and share our thoughts, ideas and life's trials and tribulations via our on-line journals.

Mr. A was most impressed when I wax lyricalled about how Alice would one day have this blog as a reference when she is older and to hopefully be entertained and amused by what her needle/hooky crazy mama got up to and the little musings I share about her and our family life. I replied ' See I'm not just wanting to hog the laptop! '. I'm not sure what happens in your home but there is sometimes a "virtual queue" here in our house with windows of opportunity to access the net when it's your turn to use the computer, it's a tough policy of you "use it or lose it"! I'm sure it won't belong for us to be exceedingly decadent and introduce laptop #2 in the next few years especially when Alice is a teenager and in high school.

Now, back to the title of this post, firstly MEEP the name that Alice called SHEEP when she was about 2 years old if I remember correctly (It's so easy when you only have 1 child to forget when their language developed in the early years, hard to think that she couldn't talk at all in the beginning of her life, when she can be a real chatterbox at times). 

Well, we went into the glorious sunnyshine yesterday into the countryside for a long walk and country pub lunch and came across these lovely MEEP...

I felt big love for these MEEP as I now, oh so very much want to say a big thank you to all those woolly MEEP out there who provide the likes of me with woolly skeins and balls to knit and hook with.

So, this evening I am paying homage to these very character-full MEEP we saw yesterday. They were rather amusing and made us smile when they ran up to us, left enough distance to be wary of us and then turn around when they realised we were not the farmer with food xox 

One more photo 'cause I love them so

How was your Sunday? I hope it was a lovely relaxing one and for those of us who had the deepest joy of the H.E.A.T. of sunshine on our skins I really hope you embraced it as we tried to.

Saturday brought, loads of housework, sorting out for charity shops after Christmas, out with the old in with the new and a new freezer for us which is lovely but I really didn't get a kick out of defrosting the old one!

Alice had a movie party to go to and we did some pretty wrapping for her friend Millie, she could not resist choosing the jars of candy wrapping paper from a local shop for wrapping Millie's pressies up in...

It was a dressing up as a movie character party and so Alice went as a very sweet Minnie Mouse, she wanted to go as Alice in Wonderland but the birthday girl had bagged that one already and we only had a Minnie mouse outfit left in her dressing up box, which she has outgrown really, so I guess this might be the last time she dips into her dressing up box from her last 10 years. Sad really, we have had many a happy moment with playing dress up over the years.

Meanwhile, I spent the afternoon reading the 2nd book in the Millenium series (I can't put these books down!)

Enjoying my first bought tulips of the year

Sometimes, I just want to climb into these beauties x

And a little more knitting on my man beanie (I'm half way through the pattern and am loving knitting it, each stitch made with love for my love) and sewing the inside lining of my knitted bag. This was a brand new experience for me, one I truly was not looking forward to but knew it HAD to be done to re-enforce the bag for carrying my bits and bobs. I was genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed the process, found it quite relaxing and a real sense of achievement when finishing it, I promise to reveal the finished bag soon.

The lining is quite bright and cheerful looking and some might say clashes with the yarn colours but it just felt right when I chose it from my stash and that's all I can say. I have never been one for mixing and matching too perfectly, I quite like unusual colour combinations and it will just give the bag a little more character I think.

Ok lovely people, I must get me-a-cookin-my-veggie cannelloni for my hungry family. Hope to visit you all soon, have a superb week ahead xox


  1. Hi Penelope,
    Love your sunny sheep pictures. Alice looks so sweet in her dressing up costume.
    Can't wait to see your finished bag , the lining is great .
    Jacquie x

  2. Hej Penelope

    The sheep photo's are close too!
    The Stig Larsson Millenium Triology are brilliant books...I could not put them down.
    There currently is a Hollywood movie being made some of the bridge scenes in S'holm are actually being shot in a small town near to where we live.
    They are using a house and have repainted it especially for the film set. And our friends who are antique dealers have been supplying the film crew with original 60's's hot news around Biggest excitement for a long time in this sleepy part of Sweden that I live.
    I hope your daughter enjoyed her party.
    I've still got a box of all my 3 childrens dressing up clothes...ranging from Snow White through to Peter Pan & Captain Hook...I can't bare to part with them...they were such a big part of their youngest son even took to sleeping in his Bob the Builder outfit lol!
    Have a great week

  3. We are having to get a new laptop this year, Lucie has decided that she must have one for her bday this year as she will be starting secondry school in september. The tears and tantrums it causes having only one laptop, mostly from me he he !!
    Lovely sheep pics. xx

  4. hello Penelope
    Sheep are the funniest and most endearing creatures no wonder you took so many photos. I love those purple tulips especially their sunny yellow middles.

    Simply beautiful.
    Jo x

  5. I have all three of the Stig Larsson books just waiting for me to find the right moment! I love sheep too, as you have probably guessed from my blog banner. I hope we get a bit of sunshine here soon, today has been one of those dull grey day when you need the light on all the time. Minnie Mouse looks very cute! love Penny x

  6. Gorgeous sheep! i love htem! and how nice for you all to have a lovely sunny day...
    Karen LOVES those books and is reading the third one right now which she hunted for in the libraries all over town!

  7. Just love the sheep. So comforting to look at for some reason.

    Alice's is gorgeous....and those dimples!

  8. Stunning sheep photos, so clear and sunny. Lovely.