Thursday 29 December 2011

Our time

Hope you and your family/friend gatherings have been merry and memorable. Our's has been a simple but beautiful time. 

Lots of excitement, giggles, over-indulging, chilly walks, cuddles under blankets, festive movies, sipping on mulled wine, reading, thinking, singing carols, being grumpy when we haven't had enough sleep, debating, crafting, having hot deep baths, making new year plans, blowing bubbles, reflecting, tickling, drinking tea, DIY and decorating our room, knitting, sticking, drawing, wearing new clothes, baking, playing games and of course making. Oh and a little visit to the big smoke (aka London). 

WARNING: loads of photo's for my own reference to follow 

We are off for a few days till Sunday to see the new year in with friends and hopefully lots of good cheer.
Hope your new year brings you boxes and bag full's 
of new joy, curiosities and craftiness  xox


  1. blissful! we have been doing much the same (although no trip to London!) enjoy x

  2. Gorgeous post :D Alice certainly looks to have had an amazing time. And lucky you, the V&A!

    Enjoy the New Year celebrations!

  3. Wow! Looks like you've had a wonderful time. Happy New Year, enjoy the celebrations.
    love Penny xxx

  4. Great photos :) Are my eyes seeing right - those are flattened brass instruments???

    Happy New year xxx

  5. P, love the seshwe quilt on your bed..... LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Gosh I really must remember to take photo's, I keep forgetting and then regret that I cannot look back on our happy times/things.
    Love all your photo's such happy memories keepers. I have to find a little Red Robin for my tree next year, they are so sweet.
    xx Sandi

  7. Great pics and your Christmas sounds not unlike ours......just perfect....look at Alice's skirt, just makes you want to whirl around like she is, and those flowers are stunning.

    Hope you have a good time away and here's to a fantastic 2012 for you and your family!