Friday 16 December 2011

This week I have been mostly...

Gosh, it feels like ages since I last posted. This past week has been a very busy one to say the least and although there was much merriment and festivities to be had I am just so pleased it's Friday and I can completely relax. I haven't stopped this week and have had parties and carol concerts to go to and the odd tear shed with our girl narrating at her school concert and secret Santa wrapping and internet ordering to be done.

I've just got into my pj's and it's not even 5 o'clock yet...but it's dark and cold outside and it's Friday...justification enough no?

Here are some of the bit's I've been up to this week (in amongst working of course)

Putting up our Christmas tree and reminiscing about all the sentimental ornaments handmade and collected from different countries we have visited. Alice, as all children do, loves this special event and we have decorations she has made at different stages of her sweet life.

Christmas Concert and carol singing to attend, we can't believe this was Alice's last junior school Christmas concert. It was very special and the children were all rather angelic and sang so beautifully.

Bucks fizz and Cava has been drunk on Tuesday and Thursday evening.

Hanging up and sorting out the plethora of school made decorations brought home this week.

And last but not least a little time of making was squished in. We painted the lids of some jam jars in acrylic paint and popped a snowflake sticker on each from a sheet of stickers bought in the pound shop in our town.

This was done early on Sunday morning, in our pj's of course. We used a couple of sample pots of paint too from our local DIY shop.

Stuck some of the snowflake stickers on the glass jam jars

Thought they might look pretty with a tea light candle in them

Or they could be used for giving some Christmas candy canes or chocolates / sweeties in or what ever you fancy really. A little Christmas / Baker's twine and a stick of cinnamon or piece of holly tied around the bottles would be festive and make a lovely creative, cheap and cheerful pressie for under the tree xox

Unfortunately we haven't got to the sweetie and twine stage yet but we have time this weekend :0)

One of my colleagues asked me what I was doing this weekend and I gleefully replied NOTHING! What sheer B*L*I*S*S not having any plans. Maybe I can get back to hook / needle and yarn again, oh I have missed you these past 6 days!

I'm off to put my pot of homemade soup on and curl up on the couch with Alice and her choice of a festive movie. Cheerio all you lovelies and thanks for visiting. I hope I can visit your lovely blogs soon and comment on all the gorgeous stuff going on in the land of blog xox


  1. isn't it just so cold today! We've just got indoors after an afternoon out shopping, and having the boys' hair cut. I am so glad to be home.

    Love your snowflake jars - they're very festive and pretty.

    Enjoy your weekend - it sounds blissful.

  2. def a very very cute arts and craft project!! and loving the xmas tree!

  3. Your little snowflake jars are just brilliant, what a nice project.

    I've done carols and concerts this week too, the whole thing makes me want to howl....I'm not sure the combination of Christmas and children's voices sets me off!

    I like your little wreath in the last post, I do hope it has fared well in the appalling weather.

    Enjoy your quiet weekend!

  4. Oooh I love those jam jars- so pretty! have a fab weekend x

  5. What a gorgeous picture of the moon and one twinkling star (or someones light in a house) Your jars are a great idea. I have crocheted jar covers and going to pop some tea lights inside for a couple of Christmas pressies. It is blissful to have a weekend off, as much as it's lovely to be out socialising, I have my daughters and granddaughters dance concert on Sunday night, my granddaughter is 4 and her first concert, am so looking forward to it.
    xx Sandi
    Loved your flower decs in the last post.

  6. You sound busy, but in an organised way. There has been so much going on here that isn't Christmas related at all, and suddenly I have a week to go and so much still to do! I shall think of you curled by the fire hooking as I rush hither and thither this weekend.

    Pretty jars :D

  7. I love those pretty jars...great idea to paint the lids!!... and they look so festive with the tea-lights and snowflakes :)

    I do hope you enjoy the run up to Christmas with your family...lots of cozying up and maybe a bit of hooky time too?

    Much festive love to you :)

    Louise xx

  8. What a WONDERFUL idea with the snowflakes on the jam jars, they look beautiful lit up. I love the idea of ornaments made by your daughter over the years hanging on the tree, that is a special idea, a real treasure. Christmas is so stressful isn't it? I hope you're able to truly relax at some point, is that possible for a Mum at Christmas? I'm not sure it is is it?! Vanessa xxx

  9. I used to love my children's nativity plays and carol concerts.
    Carols sung by children always make me cry, especially Away in a Manger and Silent Night.