Sunday 19 August 2012

My family and other animals

Hello...have you ever read My family and other animals written by Gerald Durrell? I did when I was 10 and loved it very much. I found myself reading it again last week to lift my mood after the sad week I have just had {thank you so very much for your well wishes, really touched me and so kind, Sophia's service was perfect and it was so heart breaking to see so many young people attend a funeral to celebrate her short life}.

The book is set in Corfu and is an autobiographical work written by the naturalist Gerald Durrell, telling the story of part of his childhood spent on this Greek Island in the late 1930's. Written in a rather humorous manner, he describes his family and the fauna of the island. I think it's the first in a trilogy about the island and is well worth a read. It certainly made me smile and I love re-reading books I read as a child and seeing the narrative through adult eyes.

Anyway, did you like the photo of Brush, the Welsh Terrier who lives down the road. He is my favourite chap to run into and he loves a good scratch and cuddle. Janice who owns him always keeps him pristine and neat, I like that in a dog. She used to have Basil, also a welsh terrier before Brush came into their lives :o)

Yesterday, Alice and I popped over to her art teacher's studio to help her construct a Thai fabric 2D elephant for a workshop next week and we had a visitor in the form of Tiggy.

Tiggy is old and grumpy and I like that in a cat too. She makes me smile with all her meouwwwwing and sprawling herself over the studio table and licking the water with paint brushes in. She likes to visit and make a bit of an exhibition of herself whereby we simply have to pay her attention. 

Brush and Tiggy have been fun and therapeutic for me this past week and playing with this little monkey too...

Last but not least, this little bunny hopped her way right into my heart when I eventually got round to sewing her together. 

Meet Beryl...

She is very cute and her pattern comes from this Debbie Bliss book. She's my first attempt at knitting a little animal and I simply love her...plump belly and all!

I found sewing her head and limbs on a little tricky and Alice had to help me with the positioning a bit but I think we have got it just right for her.

It's hard not to love her flower pot ways and no doubt she will be doing gymnastics like Alice's favourite jelly cat hippo "Rose"

She may even get a dress or two knitted for her one day!

Thanks so much for popping in, I will try and get to visit your blogs soon and comment if I can
Have a wonderful, life embracing week

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  1. How strange that you talk about that, I was talking about a series that was on the telly a good few years ago based on the book....I don't really remember it, but I do remember how nice it all 'felt' as childhood should be for a child...a few days later my mum was sorting through some books and found Menagerie Manor also G Durrell, I must sit down and read it...although I don't tend to find time to read.

    Love your new bunny, she's lovely, I find the hardest bit of making animals, is sewing the face, but you did a brilliant job.

    Hope you have a good week.x

  2. Good books and a dog to cuddle usually lift my spirits too :D As would your cute knitted bunny, she's adorable :D

    I loved Durrel's book as a kid and I think we have a copy in the house somewhere, I must look it out.

  3. I think animals work wonders to lift the spirit, they seem to have a deep understanding of how you feel. Ooh and I simply love Beryl, so so sweet. Thoughts are with you and your family at this tough time.
    Victoria xx

  4. Brush is just lovely. As is Beryl. The blanket stitch detail is fabulous.

  5. Hi Penelope, can't believe I've got behind with so many of your posts. As always a full and inspiring life to catch up on, Alice is a very lucky girl as I imagine your man is to have you.

    I adored reading My Family ... Reminded me to add it to Rosey's list of books I think she ought to give a go. There was a great adaptation on TV a few years ago with Celia Imrie as the mother which I really enjoyed.

    I was shocked to read about the death of a friend of yours. Sending you love and well wishes.

    Lisa X

  6. Beryl, what a perfect name for her! I have a lovely cat called Minnie, she adopted us a couple of years ago, she can be grumpy too! She woke me up 3 times last night and now she's curled up at my feet! I don't stay cross with her for too long! Ada :)

  7. Brush and Beryl - they are just beyond cute! Gorgeous! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  8. That's a happier post! And I do love Beryl, such a happy soul.

  9. The book sounds wonderful - I just popped over to our library website and ordered book AND DVD. Brush is very handsome, and Tiggy looks just as a cat should - comfortable and self-satisfied. What a very cute bunny that is - you could even sew some dresses for her.

  10. I remember reading his books when I was young, thank you for reminding me as I'd love my daughter to read them too! Beryl is very much a cutie! x

  11. Gerald Durrell was such a funny writer and I adored his books as a child. I can remember crying with laughter reading 'My Family and Other Animals', what an amazingly eccentric family! Brush looks like a fab little dog, full of character. Your bunny is cute, it looks like the same pattern I used back in January. (I'd leave a link but Blogger might think the comment is Spam!)Debbie Bliss patterns are great.
    Hope you are enjoying the summer despite last week's sadness,
    lots of love, Penny x

  12. welcome to the world, Beryl!! your hugs will help sooth the soul, I'm sure!

    Not familiar with Geral Durrell---sounds like I've missed out on something....thanks for the recommendation.