Monday 3 September 2012


Take one crocheter with her new twine and one pestering thought

Wait for the sun to start setting

A little fox (or cat? as Andy thinks it looks more like)I freestyle knitted a while ago, a needle and some sun glasses for going incognito...well sort of :o)

A bicycle to make a quick escape on

Waiting for cars to leave and people to go home

Find a bench near an iconic building

And yarn bomb it!

It took courage but I did it!

I have been planning a yarn bomb for months now. I am a graffiti knitter hee hee, it's tickled me pink, such that I needed to share this with you.

I wonder if it will be noticed?
I wonder how long it will last there for?
I wonder if this is the beginning of me becoming a guerilla of the yarny kind ;o)

Have you ever yarn bombed? Do you think you might?
I'd love to know.
See you all soon


  1. Ooh I love it Penelope! Such a sweet design too!
    Victoria xx

  2. i am impressed! a very good job and i think i might....

  3. I am so tempted to do some - we had hoped to do a big one with our WI group this summer but life/work got in the way for too many :(

  4. Classic. Love it. Will go and see if it's still there tomorrow. I've been sitting here chortling at this - showed hubby and he thinks we are all mad! :) Go you!

  5. I love it! It's such a cute little piece - I wouldn't want to let it go. Yarn bombing is something I have wanted to try for a while... I might just give it a go.

  6. I put some in my local park gates on International Yarn Bombing day earlier in the year. I went back a couple of days later to see if they were still there but alas they were gone. I do ponder over if they were noticed and by how many people. I hope they made someone out there smile! Your piece is fab! I'm sure it made whoever sat on that bench next something to smile about.

  7. Oh well done you! I hope it gets noticed and enjoyed. You realise you are probably on a List at Special Branch by now, don't you????

  8. Well done! I'm sure it will make someones's day! x

  9. Very nice! Yarn bombing can be seen more frequently and it lasts longer. :-) Yes, I've done it too:

  10. I would just love to sit on that bench! I hope it makes someone smile today! Ada :)

  11. beautiful photography and love all your makes, very inspiring x happy new week to you x

  12. Oh if it makes people feel happy like it made me when I saw it, then it will be there forever.
    xx Sandi

  13. I love it, I might do a little yarn bombing of my own now. Where is this beautiful setting?

  14. Shocked I tell you ;-). Graffiti knitter....I reckon you're going to have to up your game if this is going to become a regular thing and knit yourself a balaclava, is your fox/cat going to be your calling card? The phantom graffiti knitter has struck again!

  15. That fox is so cute! What a lovely addition to that park bench!

  16. Well this is a timely post! A few nights ago I was reading an article on yarn-bombing and thinking "Gosh, that sounds fun. Dare I?"

    You'll have to invent some sort of yarn-bombing name for yourself...the Phantom Fox? :)

    Beautiful architecture in those photos.

  17. I went and said hello to your little foxy friend this afternoon - he was looking a little lonely and I think he was pleased for a bit of company. :)

    Looks so cute.

    1. Ha ha that's brilliant Wendy, I'm chuffed to know that he/she is still about! Alice has called me the Bexhill Bomber! x

  18. Dear Penelope,

    I must say, SERIOUSLY, your Cotswold pictures are absolutely fantastic. Gosh; I wish I could pick your brains about your photographic experience. I have a thing for details and your pictures fulfilled that love. Now, not quite as seriously; WELL DONE YOU for yarnbombing your lovely corner of the world. I had a little giggle at that and I like the way you presented this to us. I look forward to the next acts of vandalism ;-)

  19. That is absolutely brilliant!! Great pics hon - I've loved this post.

  20. Good for you Penelope. I can imagine you giggling to yourself as you cycled away.

    Thanks for your lovely well wishes.

    Here's to a fabulous first day for Alice.


  21. Fabulous! Love seeing things covered in hand stitched goodness!!!

    Jennifer @ Fiber Flux

  22. Ha Ha! So glad you did..I adore yarn bombing exhibits!

  23. Just read your comment chez lovely that you thought of me and bought me a pressie! Thank you. I would love to meet up next Saturday - you tell me when and where you'd like to go - you're the hard-working lady so your free time is precious, I know. I'll fit in with your plans. :)