Saturday 15 September 2012

Socks: almost, but not quite the same

Hello there, hope you have all had a lovely week? I've managed to snuffle a few moments to myself in amongst the busy-ness of everyday life to finish knitting a pair of Noro sock yarn socks. I'm embarrassed to admit that I started to knit these in way back in April this year. I obviously must of got bored and so they started on the journey of being picked up, put down and picked up again. It's not that I haven't enjoyed making these I think it's the skinny yarn that gets me impatient as it seems to take so much longer but I know it's ultimately worth it.

So, here they are, almost but not quite the same in their colour ways. I tried to co-ordinate the same colour way but alas, it was not meant to be. These turned out a little bit wonky but wonky is always good as far as I am concerned, a perfectionist I am not!

Speaking of imperfections, I've even taken the courtesy of pointing out with a black arrow where I dropped and fortunately managed to pick up a stitch or two. I don't think it's too noticeable, it was on one of my late night,dim lighting knitting ventures.

Here they are in their true glory...

Fun, beautiful mossy and autumnal colours don't you think?

I'm still learning to make perfect socks with no holes or dropped stitches and think I will go for a slightly thicker yarn using 3mm DPN's next time.

I will be wrapping this pair up to give to a special colleague of mine who is soon to be leaving her job and the office we share, she will be sorely missed and I want to make sure she takes some of my woolly goodness away with her x

I'll leave you with a couple of stunning sunset photo's from Thursday last week, it was too beautiful not to try and capture on my camera.

Thanks for visiting, I do love your comments and conversation.
Cheerio for now
See you all soon


  1. Fabulous socks! I am jealous that I havn't got the knitting expertise to make such lovely items. The colours are gorgeous, definitely Autumnal... My favourite season by far!! Your work colleague will be over the moon with her leaving gift, I know I would!
    Thank you for commenting on my mini quilt, sewing seems to be my favoured craft at the moment but I know I'll be getting my needles, hook and yarn out again before too long. Especially if you keep posting cosy yarny projects like this!!
    Have a great weekend
    Louise xx

  2. They are brilliant, I SO wish I could make socks, the yarn you used is so lovely too x

  3. They are gorgeous, seasonal socks. Perfick!

  4. They are perfect in their the differences in colour and the way they end up both being blue at the top!

  5. Hi dearest Penelope

    Your socks reminded me, shamefully I must add, that I've still not finished the socks I made for Mike last christmas. I ran out of time and wrapped one up. The reason I can't finish the other one is I've lost the pattern as I rewrote it to suit the thicker yarn I was using. He reminds me every now and then and I just change the subject. Ho ho.

    Lucky work mate to get such a lovely leaving gift. She'll be thrilled I'm sure.

    Hope your weekend is going well.

    Lisa X

  6. I love your socks! They will make a fabulous gift. I am desperate to try knitting socks, but, alas, the next sock knitting course at one of my LYS is sold out. I'm sure I'll get there one day.
    Hope you are having a great weekend,

  7. Love your socks, love the Noro! I need to learn this crafty knitty thing!

  8. Great socks! Fabulous sky! :-)

  9. You are going to need those cosy socks soon, fabulous autumny colours! I think you must have taken your sunset pics the same night that I took my Silent Sunday one!

  10. Major feelgood factor here, Penelope. Your socks are stunning and I couldn't help but smile when you described your dimlit evening knitting; I put myself through exactly the same and am off to the opticians tomorrow for my sins!

    Your sock yarn is reminiscent of the colourway I used in my leafy shawl. Totally autumnal.

    I hope you have a lovely week.

  11. Hello Penelope,
    Surely their differences makes them that much more original.I love their blended colours and starting with blue too. Your friend has just got to love them. I tried my hand at crocheting socks....what a disaster!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  12. Love the socks. I think the differences make them unique. The colors are so pretty, so autumn. What a lucky friend. I've never made socks as I haven't as yet tackled knitting but thought I might try some crocheted ones. We'll see.


  13. I love the shot of turquoise in that colourway. Well done you for knitting socks - that tiny yarn terrifies me. (I like the instant gratification of crochet.)

    Gorgeous sky. :)

  14. I think they look lovely - what imperfections! I wish I could knit, let alone knit socks. You've done a grand job and I love the colours.

    Nina x

  15. Fabulous socks. Love that the colours are a bit wonky one to the next! I'm in awe of sock knitters!! Great colours too : -)