Saturday, 1 March 2014

Goodbye February

Goodbye February, hello March
Here are some of my Instagram pics from this past month

Wishing you all a wonderful March and here's to the earth waking up for Spring xox



  1. Ooh LOVE, how did you do this?? You know I love your Instagram and seeing it like this just confirms it to me again and again. Enjoy your weekend sweetie xoxo

  2. Lovely photos Penny. I have read that book, The Summer of the Bear, and enjoyed it.

  3. Wonderful pics, looks like you had a good month
    Clare x

  4. Dear Penny,

    What an inspring bunch of February pictures! The first question which begs to be asked is; what do you think of the latest Pom Pom Quarterly issue? I am so tempted to purchase it. I too am enjoyng Clipper Infusions this winter and I'm left wondering what you have started knitting!

    Warmest wishes to you and your family!


  5. Hello Penny
    Yes goodbye February and hello March and hello spring is on its way...whoopee!!

    Great collection of February pictures and among other things love the bag with the doily and heart!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  6. Gorgeous pictures, I love the pretty colours of those knitting needles. Happy March! xx

  7. Lovely images thank you for sharing - wishing you a happy March x

  8. I for one am very glad you're on IG.....happy march! :) x

  9. These are great Penny. But isn't there something so great about skies? Beautiful! Jane x

  10. Happy March to you too Penny ... your February photos are beautiful ... Bee xx

  11. When I go to the Chiropractor she has that quote on her wall and I love it and try hard ot live by it. Before you say anything, think - is it true, is it kind and is it necessary. great. Jo x

  12. Happy March right back to you Penny!

  13. Oh yes, I like the way you said that! I do enjoy seeing your IG pics, you have such an eye for the quirky details. And this all looks distinctly spring-ish. x

  14. Beautiful :-) I especially like 'Is it true, is it kind, is in necessary' - a good thought process to follow! x

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