Monday, 26 July 2010

Crochet time

At very long last I have got round to photographing some pictures of my fingerless "shell/scallop" patterned gloves for little Alice. I've made them from a tweedie yarn which is cosy and warm and needs to be put away till the seasons change here in the uk. They will be added into her box of hand made by mama goodies for her 10th birthday in September this year. I know she will love them as she has been nagging me for some for a while now... a very big thank you to Alice @crochet with Raymond who can be found at her blog here

So here they are...I decided to do 3 rows of treble crochet for her thumbs instead of just leaving a little space for her thumbs to peek out.

 I am very pleased with the result and have added a couple of blossoms for fun (not a very well focussed picture) These gloves were made 3 weeks ago whilst basking in the sun at our local beach xox

We also went camping this weekend which was superb with gorgeous weather, fabulous friends and plenty of delicious food and wine to indulge in. I simply could not have idle hands though and so I took some of my coloured cottons for hooky happiness under a tree and here is the beginning of a blanket for a special friend.I am loving the colours and think I ill have to add a few scattered blossoms too, what do you think ?

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  1. Fantastic! The mitts look awesome and what a great idea to make a thumb! I'm not quite that advanced in my crochet mechanics to do that just yet!
    Love the colours of the blanket, they look so summery...