Tuesday 6 July 2010


A couple of weeks ago I decided to attempt to make elderfower cordial for the first time ever made from a recipe found on the lovely http://www.hardakerandpope.blogspot.com/ 

I was very pleased with the whole process of picking elderflowers and washing them and then came the SUGAR... woaweeee what a lot of sugar to make a super flower syrup

While this was boiling up and shouting at the England team was coming from the lounge I popped outside to contribute to emptying a bottle of bubbly wine to decant the cordial into (excuses excuses.... on a hot summer sunday afternoon !)
(Why won't this picture flip to the right ?)

Then came the lemons... smell that zest, see that yellow happy summer colour...

and hey presto... 2 bottles of delicious zesty, elderflower cordial for happy summer sundowners, best served with ice, sparkling water and a sprig of mint. Yummy xox

(another pic that won't flip...sorry)

Makes a perfect summer gift for family and friends, make a fun label as Alice did in the above photo for my work colleagues xox

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  1. thats fantastic! I'm always amazed and excited by the creative dpeth of my blog friends! Bet it tastes delicious and you're making me feel all summery inside! (despite numb hands and vague depression about the fact that i must face the elements and go to work today!)
    Thatnk you for your lovely comment on my blog about the mitts... shell stitch is super fun and I wore mine yesterday... they were very warm and snuggly while still allowing for movement!!! Looking forward to seeing little Alice's mitts when they are done!