Thursday 15 July 2010

Vintage tea party

I had the pleasure of turning 40 on 1st of May this year and thought I would share some of the photo's from my little cream tea party with a vintage and Alice in wonderland twist !

Some pretty homemade bunting to invite the guests in ...

Then a bit of tea and cake ..

and more...

yummy victoria sponge cake on my own home-made cake stand... see that Alice added her wonderland twist of an "eat me" flag for the cake x

 Home made cup cakes and jam tarts on another of my cake stand creations

Something to drink ?

Any milk with that my dear?

or a little elderflower juice instead ?

Please have some more to eat ...

All in all it was a very happy, spring bank holiday 40th birthday ...


Even my apple tree that I rescued blossomed for me xox

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