Saturday 23 October 2010

Candy grannies

Hello everyone, how is your weekend treating you so far? I feel so relaxed and happy knowing that I have a few days off next week to have fun and special times with Alice in her half term holidays. 

I just wanted to share a quick post with you today, some candy goodness really. I have a deadline to make and finish a granny square blanket for my lovely friend Jenny who is having a birthday on 26 November. I love her so as she has always encouraged me to make my handmade goodies and has always been a willing recipient over the years at Christmas and birthdays.

She is a huge Cath Kidston fan an so in honour of that I decided to make a big granny square blanket for her in candy colours that remind me of Cath Kidston's range of colours she uses. SO this is what I started last night...

These colours are cheering me up on these autumnal rainy days ;o) So watch this space for progress with this beauty.

Do you see my candy striped plastic bag in the above photo? Well, Alice likes going to our local pound shop (a bit like a dollar shop in the US) where they sell everything for a pound and I haven't popped in for a while and woe behold there is a candy striped bag begging to be bought this morning. I thought it would be perfect for moving my yarn around the house (hee hee) Mr. A sometimes says I am taking over all our spaces and so this should solve the problem x

Now the pound shop adventure continues as I spotted in the corner of my eye a rainbow of DK YARN !!!! Oh my goodness I felt a bit weak at the knees and came away with 8 balls of these happy colours. I know you can't expect amazing quality for £1 a shot and there were a couple of brands but I liked the feel of this the most...{King Cole Pricewise}

Gorgeous isn't it xox

I will say goodbye with a lovely painting (Roy Lichtenstein) done by our darling Alice for her daddy on father's day this year x

Have a restful and wonderful weekend and see you all soon xox


  1. Looking really Nice. I love all the colours. I like the idea of your £1 shop. Well done. Clare x

  2. Love, love, love the colours. A blanket I could eat!

  3. Lovely blanket Penelope!!!!!
    You are such a kind friend to make such a big gift!!!!!!!
    Pound wool huh!! I went to Spotlights sale today, 60% off and oh my, I bought some wool tht is so great, for so cheap and do you know what? I'm looking at it thinking I should have bought more... do I go back thisafternoon???!!! :O) tee hee

  4. I am a real beginner with ye crochet so appreciate the work that goes into making every stitch. I've been sent to you from Penny GJ and so knew you'd be worth looking at.

  5. Ohh that's going to be such s great, great blanket!!