Tuesday 5 October 2010

Autumnal bake off

Good morning , good evening , good greetings to you all where ever you are in this world. Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my posts, I truly get a smile on my face each time I see a new comment and make a new friend in the 'blogosphere' (this is what Mr.A calls it when he sees me smiling and giggling to myself whilst entranced by the lap top!)

Currently, I am rather B.U.S.Y to say the least and work and mummy commitments are full on at the moment, which doesn't make me unhappy just a little impatient to have ME time to hook and knit and bake and grow and sew and read and write letters and and and .... the list could be endless I kid you not. So, I am about and am getting a buzz from the your lovely journals in the blogosphere when a spare moment arrives.

I thought I would make this post short and sweet and tell you about my Autumnal Bake Off here in our little home over the weekend. I made my very first pie ever! I cheated though and bought the puff pastry but I found a lovely scrummy recipe in my favourite vegetarian cookbook by Rose Elliot (my vegetarian goddess) who uses everyday ingredients to help you make super scrummy munchy stuff like this baby...

Now, I am not the world's best cook, but I do try and for a first attempt in my 40 years I think I did OK (I need a pie dish, this was baked in a cake tin... is that sacrilege in the cooking world ?)

My family enjoyed it with some crunchy steamed broccoli and inside this meagre little pie were a few of these ...

Leeks, oh the joy of leeks such a winter veg in the UK, as a South African living here for the past 15 years I have come to pay homage to this vegetable which was never part of my diet in tropical Durban where I grew up and simply love them. Rose Elliot's recipes are dead simple and always taste sooo good. I often look at what I have in the way of veg and 99% of the time I can guarantee I will find an easy and delicious recipe to follow.

Our meal was followed by another heavy yummy autumnal sensory delight made from these...

My raspberries were frozen from a month ago when we picked our own (I love just eating frozen raspberries with a little plain yoghurt, simple but oh so nice)

and the end product was... you guessed it Apple and Raspberry crumble

 Topped with soya dream (cream) mmmmm....

Ahhh that's better, thanks for stopping by , watch this space for my funky ? tea cosy coming soon , have a beautiful week lovely people xox


  1. They look really scrummy. I hope Alice enjoyed her birthday and your knitting is looking really good. Have you entered my giveaway yet. I will be closing it at somepoint this week and getting my little man to draw the winner over the weekend or early next week. I am off to have my baby at the end of Oct. They have decided to give me a c-section on the 29th Yipee! Have a good week. Love Clare x

  2. I'd call it improvisation lol!
    I must say it looks absolutely wonderful your pie!
    When I was vegetarian in my youth between 13-20 a long time ago. My bible was Rose Elliots book
    'Not Just a Load of Old Lentils' there really wasn't many veggy cookery books 30+ years ago lol!

    Your Apple and raspberry crumble looks delicious.
    Well Done!

  3. Looks delish!!! you should invest in a pie dish anyway, just to make you feel like a flash cook!
    your crumble looks great too!
    have a lovely week XXXXXXXXX

  4. That all looks really yummy! Interesting to find out you are South African as my newest cousin-in-law, the relatives I have just been to stay with, is also South African. She is lucky to have a really good little South African shop in Bristol where she can buy the goodies she misses from home. I only ever use ready made puff pastry, life's too short to make your own! Penny x