Friday 15 October 2010

It's tea time

What a relief it's the end of the week, a big happy hello to all of you kind people who pop by and leave sweet comments. I am just brimming with relief as today I had to present a 2 hour workshop on 'goal negotiating' to my colleagues at our clinical away day! Phew,I can feel the stress leaving as we speak, changing human behaviour is one difficult task.

Now, enough of that lets talk tea, tea pots, tea cups, cakes, cake stands, teaspoons, cake forks, doilies, Victoria sponge .... oh the list could go on and on. I am partial to a cuppa or two {or ahem 3,4,..7} and I get rather irrational if I have not had my tea fix! I am not a huge coffee drinker but I think I can parallel my cravings and desire for tea with that of coffee lovers. What do you think ? Any other tea maniacs out there ?

And then there is the subject of keeping one's tea warm... which leads nicely into my latest make {I hope you have picked up the hints over my last two posts?} for my sister-in-law's handmade wedding pressie tomorrow. I'm so excited about it, it's thrilled me to the core making this. So here goes...

First a  pretty card and paper

One naked looking chilly teapot

Ta dah... one cozy dressed, tarted up delicious tea pot xox

Oooh I love you raspberry tea cozy I do

Do you like my crochet flower and leaves?
and there is my little blue bird of happiness peeking over the side

The pattern for this tea cozy is on and if you type in tea cozy in the free patterns section you will find about 24 if I can remember correctly, one of which is this incredibly easy peasy pattern which looks impressive but I am convinced all beginners could easily do. I feel another one coming on, maybe of the blue persuasion.

Oh happy day, that's all folks, have a lovely weekend everyone, I've got me a wedding to get to xox


  1. I love it and I'm sure your sister will too! The colours are great.

  2. Very cute - I love the little bluebird. :)

  3. It's just beautiful!!!!!
    Love the bluebird immensely!
    have a fun day at the wedding!

  4. I am a HUGE tea person. I have at least 4 cups a day. Beautiful cosy and beautiful colour!!!

  5. I adore the cosy ... how can you bear to part with it. The bird is super cute.
    Yes, I am a tea addict - I have to admit to at least six mugs and four or so cups a day and I have it strong too. I went off coffee whilst pregnant with my first child (although I'm partial to coffee cake!). If I'm going out anywhere away from a kettle/cafe I usually take a flask of tea with me (but the milk has to be seperate).

    Hope she likes the cosy - it's something I would be thrilled!

  6. Found your blog via Alice from Crochet with Raymond, and she was right. Your tea cozy is so cute. I really like the blue bird. Such a nice touch.
    As for me, I go through tea then coffee phases - variety is the spice of life ☺

  7. What a lovely Tea cosy, i drink a lot of tea so this one could be a good friend.

  8. Love the tea cosy, and your scarf is beautiful too. Such lovely warm colours.

  9. What a lovely friend you are - giving away the cozy to the 'other' Penny! Possibly the only wait I'll get one is to make it myself but being knitted, have more chance than if it were a crochet object.