Friday 30 September 2011

On the mend

So, I can gladly say that I a on the mend and want to thank you all for your get well wishes, you are all very lovely and kind. My chest, cough and voice have all gone to pot though and so I now whisper... not me at all! I can talk the hind leg off a donkey, ask anyone who knows me. Anyway, I must say that I am almost grateful for the silence too, it's allowed time for reflection too. 

My lovely manager has insisted that I stay at home and so I'm in bed blogging while the sun is shining like it's mid-summer out there despite the autumnal leaves falling from the trees. This has caused a little confusion in my head space this week especially whilst perspiring away in a fever! Anyway, I hope if you live in the northern hemisphere you've been enjoying this glorious week.

As you can see from my first photograph, we've been having some "french toast" in our house this week. Alice asked me what french toast was the other day and so I explained that when I was growing up in South Africa my dad used to make "french toast" for us on special occasions (not sure why he called it french toast though), which in the UK is actually "eggy bread" i.e. white bread dipped in whisked egg and a little milk and cinnamon fried in a shallow pan and gobbled down with syrup/honey poured over it. My lovely husband Andy consequently came home with this fun french toast stamp according to the world of the fabulous Fred design and we all giggled as we ate hot buttered french toast the next morning - a tad bit healthier than my dad's "french toast". Pop into the world of Fred for more groovy gadgets and check out the Hey Cherry girls post about their love of Fred design here.

Some last of the summer flowers were picked from our courtyard garden to perk me up a little this week. 

Yesterday afternoon I pulled my strength together to take Alice to her art lesson in Hastings Old town and spent the hour she was there getting some fresh sea-side salty air into my lungs and basking in the sun for a while before setting back home again. It was truly magnificent and I was so pleased I didn't opt out of taking her.

Such a rich fishing history in the Old Town which I adore

I like to come with a treasure or two for my little sea-side garden and I am a sucker for free postcards too {my collection is becoming overwhelmingly big, need help!}

I'm also a sucker for cogs in a wheel, I could watch cogs in a watch work all day long {Ok maybe not all day but you get what I mean?}. It was lovely seeing a fisherman's boat being carefully cog wheeled into the sea at 5pm, ready for some night time fishing.

It was a beautiful hour of salty healing air for me.

I came back to collect Alice hammering nails into her handmade box, she looked up at me and said "Mummy I've been sawing wood and hammering nails myself" Eeeeeekkk amazing what kids can do without an overly cautious / careful parent around!

Hey ho ... Happy days ahead everyone, see you soon, thanks for your comments and a big welcome to all new followers xox


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Great seaside photos and I love the French toast ~ what a great toast stamp! :O)x

  2. Yay...glad to hear that you are on the mend.. that fresh air and now the extra dollop of vitamin D from all this sunshine should see you fighting fit for the rest of the autumn / winter! I'm off to look up Fred :)x

  3. The seaside air is definately good for making you feel better again - hoping to get a lungfull this weekend :)

  4. I love your blog, I want to just curl up inside it.
    Hastings is one of my favourite places. Do you ever go in that tiny Fisherman's Museum? I used to love it in there.
    Glad that you're feeling better x

  5. Beautiful photos- love Heather's description of wanting to curl up inside your blog- I think I'm with her there!!!

  6. So glad you're feeling better :D Gorgeous post Penelope, all that seaside colour really cheered me up!

  7. Hello Penelope, glad you're feeling better! Just wanted to let you know that you were the winner of my cushion cover give away! So drop me a line (email is attached to my profile I think) and tell me where to send it and it will be on it's way to a lovely new home. (Sorry I haven't been in touch earlier, but have been away for school hols.) PS. how funny, our local town is also called Hastings! I think it was named after your one. Anyway, bit of a long comment, sorry! Have a great day, Julie :)

  8. So glad you are feeling much better, salty air and warm sun always seem to help me too.
    Thank you for your lovely comment over at mine.
    x Sandi

  9. So glad you are on the mend, and thanks for more lovely pictures of Hastings xxx