Wednesday 7 September 2011

Pretty Marvellous

Girly bits for my trip

I'm back from my conference in Gothenburg, Sweden full to the brim of enthusiasm and passion for my profession again. A boost that was well needed indeed and despite being somewhat exhausted I feel a sense of new life and love for my work has metamorphosed out of a previous feeling of tedium and an un-inspired work ethic I have been suffering from over the past few months or so. 

I managed to have a 4 hour window break on Monday afternoon when the lectures and seminars were unrelated to my specialism of neurology, so I tried to pack in as much of the city as I could and absorb a little of the local culture. The Swedish are just beautiful, friendly and amazingly clever at speaking English in amongst other languages. I loved people watching and pottering in and out of shops and a sweet antique market I happened to stumble across.

Here are some of the photo's that will remind me of my city exploits ...

There are many more I could show bore you with but I'll save face for now and end with some yarn and pressie pleasure. I had to buy something for Alice of course, and these are some of the little local goodies that I purchased together with a sweet Barbapapa wash bag which I simply had to buy as I have told her umteen stories of my blue Barbapapa that I used to have when I was little which she is fascinated by. Did you have one of these in the 70's? they just make me smile when I see them again.

Anyway, you'll spot another cartoon creature that I purchased for her which made me smile about one of my childhood collections in this picture...

Yes, it's a Smurfette! Please tell me you had one of these ;0)

The name of the toffee filled chocolate bar (PLOPP) made me smile too. It was divine coming home and to see Andy and Alice again, I missed them so. It was also great to come home late last night to a clean and tidy home.

Playing around with Picnik

Of course I seeked out the two stunning yarn shops in Gothenburg, I'll give you a seak peek and more about that next time xox I'm off to make some autumnal veggie soup and catchup with your lovely blogs. 

Cheerio and thanks for stopping by xox


  1. very nice! I love your photos
    thanks you
    hugs from Chile

  2. Sweden is one of those places that I've always wanted to go to, not sure why, your pics are lovely. It is lovely to get home mind even when you've enjoyed your time away.

  3. I have to say the PLOPP bar made me smile too.

    Nina x

  4. I had a Barbapappa - loved them!

    Your photos of Sweden are tantalising - we so so so want to go there. Best we could do though was a trip to IKEA yesterday. :)

    Glad you enjoyed your trip and that you are re-energised - such a good feeling.

  5. Your photos are wonderful. I had everything Smurfette! It was even my nick name when I was younger.

  6. lovely photos and it's great to hear it enthused you again, we need that every now and then!
    That sock yarn looks delish! Can't wait to see your yarny pics to make me all inspired to go out yarn shopping ha ha!

  7. Loving the colours of the yarn and the needles. Glad to hear you had such a great time and it's help rejuvenate you!
    Kier x

  8. Gorgeous coloured yarn! Glad you had a good time and feel enthused again :)
    and yes, I have a smurf still - a vampire one which a friend bought me when Twilight came out!
    Jane xxx

  9. I love that ball of yarn! And the orange chair.
    I remember Barbapapa - my Mum still has some Barbapapa books from when we were small.
    I shared a flat with 3 Swedish girls whilst at Uni and have visited Sweden a few times since then and I think it a lovely, friendly place.