Wednesday 28 September 2011


I'm blogging from the comfort of pillows, blankies, tissues, bed and quilt. Have you guessed yet? I'm down and zero with a stonking seasonal change cold and am feeling pretty miserable as it's hit me hard. I forgot how easy it is to assume good health, I guess I've been burning the candle at both ends and it's my body's way of saying STOP, go back to zero, the beginning, rest, and restore again.

I do have the strength for reading which is good as I get bored easily and radio 4 is always a life saver on days such as these. Unfortunately, I don't have my usual mojo to knit or crochet so I really have had to stop everything and be kind to my sniffly self. 

I have had the strength to do some blog reading and the time to let one website lead me to another then another and so the chain reaction goes on and on {I'm sure you know what I mean}. I found myself reading, watching You tube and now blogging about these fun bags by Clippy which I've started to like more and more as the morning has gone on and watching this review on You tube. I'm always amazed at how confident some people are to do tutorials/reviews etc on You tube, I find it painful to have myself photographed at the best of times and being on a video clip is not my idea of fun, but hey I'm more than happy to watch others. 

Here, Claire at Heart Handmade UK has customised her Clippy bag with hand sewn and decorated fabric panels. Pop over to her blog for more gorgeous pictures of her bag. 

ultimately the decorating is up to you, whatever mood or fashion or political statement etc. you want to portray.

I like the history of this bag, whereby Calypso Rose (known as Clippy) made her first bag on her kitchen table in order to display all her polaroid photos. It took some Portobello Road Market sales in London and then a few Celebs to carry these bags and she then found the demand outweighed her stock and the business took off. Clippy is found all over Europe and in Japan. Wow, I love a kitchen table idea turned into a successful business don't you?

Pop over to the Clippy website for more info here. As for me, I'm adding one to my Christmas list and will be dreaming of how I will decorate mine as I lay my weary head down. 

Hope you keep well and bug free xox


  1. Oh you poor thing - nothing worse than being stuck in bed - hope you've a good pile of reading to get through.

    You've reminded me I've a bag similar to that somewhere - what a clever idea - might have to pinch that :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by, hope you feel better soon. Ali x

  3. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!

    Sam (

  4. Hope you feel better very soon - these early season colds can come as a real shock to the system.

  5. Hi Penelope... Poor old you suffering with a horrible cold...they take the pleasure out of everything don't they? You will only have to look at that crochet blanket though and you'll get a dose of 'feel-good'! Thanks for telling me about the Clippie bags... I have seen one before, but didn't realise what it was.. it's a great idea isn't it! I shall pop over there now to see how many pennies I would have to save / beg/ borrow... happy healing :)x

  6. Oooh poor you, do get well soon. The clippie bags look fun don't they, scope for loads of fun. We're making a flying visit to Thomas and Celia this weekend as part of our getting Aimee to Uni trip so I'll send healing vibes your way,
    love Penny xxx (and Higgins, of course!)

  7. Poor you! I hope you can continue to take it easy. Strange, isn't it, how we take being well for granted until a cold hits? Get well soon x

  8. Hope you feel better soon!
    At least you're being sick in style, and looking at lovely things etc
    I've not ever seen those bags before, but what an awesome idea!
    Take care

  9. I hope you get well soon but enjoy the down time if you can :)

  10. Oh Penelope, I hope you are feeling a lot better today, not a pleasant way to relax!
    x Sandi

  11. Its miserable when you are feeling poorly.

    Hope you feel a lot better soon.

    Those bags are really pretty.

    MBB x