Wednesday 25 April 2012

First scarf

You are all so sweet putting up with my silly nostalgic posts, thank you for your generosity and lovely comments, as we all know, the comments are the best-est bit about blogging. As the lovely Faith put it on her most recent post, blogging can be such an inspiration and a joy to "meet" such kindred folk who appreciate the love of craft and yarn. 

Right, on with the business at hand. Do you remember me posting about my "first scarf" here 

Well, at long last it is finished and I can finally wear it, especially since we are having serious April showers and blustery chilly winds here on the South East Coast! 

I pulled over in the countryside yesterday to have my lunch in-between doing some home visits and thought why not make use of the rare rays of sunshine and take some pics of my finished scarf. So here it is...

on location!

I must say that it's been great for using up left over yarn and ended up really long. Both ends fall to the ground if I just wrap it around me once and when Andy saw it he immediately said it looked like a Dr.Who scarf! Well, that wasn't the intention, I have no idea what or who Dr.Who is as it wasn't a TV program that I grew up with, in fact we only got a TV in 1979 when I was 9 years old so I no idea what he was talking about ... until he google imaged this...


I must say that it made me giggle at the similarity :0)

Needless to say this is not my tribute to Dr.Who! Instead, this is my very snuggly, wrap around "first scarf".

It's sooooooo warm and I love the colours, especially the mustard, one of my new favourite colours.

Ok, so I don't like taking photo's of myself but I had to give you an idea of what it looks like all wrapped up.

Yay, I love my new super cosy, all wrapped up "first scarf". If you have some scraps of left over yarn think about knitting or crocheting one of these, easy peasy to make and so great to wear.

I hope your week has been good so far, I'm off to pour myself a glass of wine and relax on the couch to watch Water for Elephants
See you all soon 


  1. Lovely scarf! Watched Water for Elephants last night - wonderful film!
    Victoria xx

  2. Hi there! I have just discovered your blog and want to say I love your scarf. Although I don't knit (I do crochet) you do inspire even me to take to the needles! It really does look cozy and as you say ..... we do still need to wrap up!
    We should remember the old saying ..... never cast a clout till may is out!
    Best wishes,
    Val xx

  3. I love your first scarf! It is lovely and very inspiring!
    Makes me want to go and make one for myself as it is starting to get very cold over here in NZ!
    Have a happy rest of your week XXX

  4. Lovely :)

    All super long scarves get referred to by those of us of a certain age as Doctor Who ones - even though only one Doctor wore one ;)

  5. Ohh, it's SO lovely. I am very jealous. It also goes perfectly with your hair colour, especially the mustard colour, those warm hues suit you very well. x

  6. Oh I love it, the colours work so well together!! Fliss xxxx

  7. Your scarf looks great, it want me to make winter stay a little longer. ;-)

  8. This turned out great! Love the color changes. I really need to try knitting....

  9. *WOW* that does look fab and you are so right - just perfect for this kind of weather we are having.

    Have a fabulous weekend

    Nina x

  10. That looks sooooooo warm. It is a little Dr. Who, but there's nothing wrong with that, those scarfs were the height of fashion in the 70s!

    p.s.. Sorry didnt mean to "shout", had the caps lock on & didnt notice..Too lazy to go back & switch it off..

  12. its absolutely blooming yarny fabulous- loving the colours and length of it ;0)]you need it in this weather xxxx keep snuggly , lovely post x