Monday 30 April 2012

Hello crochet!

Oh my giddy goodness, I cannot begin to tell you the great joy I felt this wind swept, rainy, grey weekend just gone when I EVENTUALLY got round to picking up yarn and hook to crochet again. Hello, my old familiar friend, how I have missed you. It's been at least a month since I last crocheted away and boy was I ready for it. 

For those of you who do crochet, you know when you get that great urge to just desperately be left alone in a room with just hook and yarn to feed feed feed the addiction and you can't because of other commitments or plans. Oh, the sheer frustration!!! (Ok so maybe I'm being a wee bit dramatic now). That is how I have felt over the past month, as sad as it may seem to those who don't crochet and reading my blog it is quite true. I seem to have been knitting if I have had a spare evening/moment to make something with wool and crochet was always there in the back of my mind but just not coming together.

And so, my dear blogging friends I have had a pleasurable weekend of doing a bit of crochet here, there and everywhere and it has been B*L*I*S*S* to say the least. Planet Penny's Cotton Club rainbow cotton has been swallowed up into feeding my addiction and what a divine brand of cotton this is to hook away with. 

How I love pink, red and orange together, colours to feed my soul during the grey-ness.

Talking of colours, wasn't today typical after having such a miserable wet weekend, it was blue skies and sunshine as we trundled off to work and school. I seem to be doing a lot of lovely drives along Sussex country lanes to see my patients these days and today I just could not help noticing the yellow everywhere. Does that happen to you on some days, when all you do is keep noticing a particular colour in all sorts of places?

Yellow, is a colour I could have done without many years ago and even to this day, I have no yellow clothes. But, give me mustard and I'm in love :0) What I am trying to say is that I have tried to make a conscious effort to enjoy and notice the colours I've never really "warmed" to {this included red up until a few years ago, utter madness as I now love every shade of red going}. Today, I stop-started in my car during my lunch half hour to capture that yellow and I am pretty pleased that I did, have a look why.

Firstly, my crochet this morning while I ate breakfast

A brilliant field of rapeseed flowers

Some weedy flowers

How bright and beautiful the hedgerows looked on this pretty day. So uplifting and essential for me working within my role. I have always been a firm believer in nature restoring what life strips away.

Tiny daisies for making daisy chains this summer

I am very grateful for yellow today, it is becoming a more comfortable colour for me and I know that this will no doubt be reflected in my future craftiness. 

Last but not least, I'll leave you with this pretty posy Alice picked for me last week, and yes it does feature the all gorgeous yellow. It's my thank you to you for reading and commenting on my ramblings and for providing your blogs as an endless source of inspiration.

Well, I guess that's me for today
I'm off to indulge in some Victoria Sponge baked yesterday with a hot cuppa and my crochet before bed.
I hope to show you the rainbow blanket I'm making for a friend's new baby girl very soon.

Wishing happy, carefree sunny-shine days to come your way


  1. What a wonderfully colourful post! Gorgeousness in abundance!
    Victoria xx

  2. Dear Penelope,

    This is a beautifully timed post as far as I am concerned. What joy I have felt at reading your words and gazing at your pretty pictures. I do not crochet but I certainly DO understand the urge to be alone to create! It's funny but I have a tendency to scuttle off outside to knit, embroider, etc. although that has been a little tricky considering the wet weather we've been enduring.

    Your post is perfectly timed as today is my sweet daughter's sixteenth birthday and her favourite colour is YELLOW! Strangely when I was expecting her (all those years ago) MY favourite colour was yellow too and I even toyed with the idea of naming her Jonquil which is French for Daffodil. Don't laugh; I'll put it down to hormones!

    I am also feeling a little sad, despite the happy day, because my best friend left us to fly back to England tonight after a wonderfully long, joyful weekend. Reading your words have cheered me up.

    Thank you so much.


  3. Today has been beautiful here - blue skies and a big yellow ball in the sky too ;) Even the dandelions looked pretty!

    I've hardly picked up a hook in weeks -perhaps I'll try in a while.

  4. The cotton you're crocheting with looks beautiful - th e colours are so vivid.
    I do like the colour yellow, particularly when it comes to flowers and the colour mustard always reminds me of my Grandad - I always picture him wearing a chunky mustard rollneck sweater for some reason!

  5. Dear Penelope, Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your photos and your lovely crochet with us. It has been a joy to sit here and read it, knowing just what you mean about the hook! I have just had to have a few words with my Ripple blanket which I kept getting wrong and had to pull rows back, very frustrating so it is SIDELINED for now. But then ..... oh no! the empty hook! Well, Granny came to my rescue :0)
    Your photos are beautiful, very talented, you have a creative eye for a "good picture"
    Looking forward to seeing your rainbow blanket.
    Enjoy your creativity.
    Val xx

  6. I am really enjoying the rapeseed fields around at the moment. They are so beautiful! Lovely pictures. Looking forward to seeing your rainbow blanket!

  7. Completeky the same with crochet Penelope. I suddenly get withdrawals and then go a bit OCD. Mind you at the moment my heads firmly attached to my sewing machine when at other times I find sewing tedious and only yarn will do. To be honest I wish I had more hands so I could do all sorts of lovely making at once as you can get that greedy needy feeling with it can't you. Better stop now as I sound like a making nutter.

    Sounds the perfect end to your day, cake and crochet before sleep. Night night. X

  8. Wow very colorful. Your picture is beautiful.

  9. Love how nature renewed your love for yellow.... that looks like yummy cotton yarn too!

  10. I've come down stairs to a grey and gloomy morning, and you've just filled my head with sunshiney yellow - thank you! The rainbow blanket is looking beautiful, I can't wait to see the end result.
    Have a lovely week,
    Penny x

  11. What an amazing post Penelope! I was just staring out of the kitchen window at a very dull, muddy pond...and when I returned to the screen there was your post..pure colour therapy...thank you! Jill x

  12. Loved reading this post and seeing your lovely photos.....I'd say I wasn't a yellow fan, but I really appreciate it in those pics....especially the last one.

    I love to crochet too.....I almost forget, but onc I pick up a new project after a break, I instantly relax.

    Hope your sunshiny week continues!x

  13. What a gorgeous post! Definitely feeling the need for colour after all this incessant grey weather. Your crochet is looking beautiful x

  14. Firstly.... A very Happy birthday to you!!!! xx I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your day. Alice's mosaic tray is beautiful, I can totally understand why you got tearful when she gave it to you, such a heartfelt and special present!
    I have to say... after another break in blogging, well, even switching on my laptop actually... I have SO enjoyed catching up with your recent posts!! I am loving the gorgeous colourful crochet... such amazingly neat stitches.... beautiful!!! Untill last week I dont think I'd picked up my crochet hook for months... it was in the back of my mind and I kept thinking 'when I've finished this sewing/knitting project I must get back crocheting something again!' ... and I'm so glad I have... I have lots of patterns rolling around in my head at the moment that I can't wait to start. Your crochet is just inspiring me even more... thank you!!!!

    I'll stop rambling on now and let you enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my post.

    Louise xxx