Monday 23 April 2012

Flora and food

Ok, so this might just bore the pants off you but I'm going to post it anyway! It's a tiny keepsake post for me to look at if I feel a little nostalgic or melancholic about my childhood. So, please forgive me if this is not for you but here goes anyway...

Ok, so I know this may seem weird and yes, you're probably right it is darn right weird but forgive me for the need to record these familiar food labels which I grew up with! I just couldn't help myself when I went into a supermarket :0)

Right, that's that! I'll be back with my latest scarf to show you  in the next day or two...brrr it's much colder than I expected it to be on coming back from South Africa. 

I'm still in denial and refuse to take off my sandals and skirts! 


  1. I had to laugh at the Eet-sum-mor biscuits - what a brilliant name!!


  2. the flora is sooooooooooooo similar to the flora which grows here in the Far North of New Zealand! Only the pink flower I have never seen,


  3. I liked the biscuits name too - perhaps the britsh food etc suppliers should think of rebranding some of our stuff.

  4. Not boring at all, fascinating! And not just the labels are different, so obviously are the popular foods. What a wonderful planet we live on, all the different peoples, each unique, and yet we are in so many ways the same!

    And who couldn't resist some Eet-sum-mor biscuits!

  5. What stunning photo's of the flowers and plants. The light seems so clear and bright there.

    I understand the need to record things from our childhood for nostalgic purposes. For me it would be definately be treacle tins and marmite!

    P x

  6. I totally get this! I get excited when I see a product from Canada(where I am from) So many memories! It's great that you can capture all of it here :)

  7. Not at all boring, and I'm off to put a link to it on Facebook for my homesick South African cousin-in-law!