Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend

Wishing you all a great 4 day Jubilee weekend if you are in the UK.
I know I'm going to find lots of time to relax and create.

I bought this little Quality Street chocolate tin on Wednesday after work in one of my local charity shops. It's for Alice , she is a fan of the Queen and writes a letter to her most years.
I was more excited at the 75p price tag!
Happy days xox


  1. You too missus...

    have fun,

    Nina xxx

  2. What a bargain! Wishing you a Jubilee weekend full of delights Penelope x

  3. And a brightly-coloured -bunting weekend to you too!


  4. Have a lovely relaxing weekend! Rachel x

  5. i love that tin! vintage charity shop tins are such an original and quirky thing to use as storage..and the price tag is pretty amazing too! have a great jubilee weekend!x