Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Something red, something blue, something old, something new!

Whilst it is gently raining outside I thought I'd do a quick post about our 4 day jubilee bank holiday weekend. We didn't plan very much, just grateful for the rest and break from the tedium of alarms clocks and packed lunches. Alice and I caught the train to Hastings on Saturday afternoon to do some shopping and pottering in the Old Town. I couldn't help taking some pics of all the bunting and Union Jacks everywhere. Some of the shops had made great window displays paying homage to the Queen's diamond jubilee.

I especially likes this one in the Vintage Bird (one of my all time favourite shops) 

It was presented in a beautiful old glass dome and just appealed to my vintage heart.

There were some pretty dresses and clothes displayed in a few of the vintage clothes shop windows 

Even our sweet Alice decided to dress up in the spirit of things

This girl of ours is truly experimental with her clothes and it always amazes me at how clever she is in creating her own ecclectic style. How very quickly kids grow up these days, OK I'm starting to sound like my mum now but it's TRUE. I'm sure I was still making mud pies at 11 !

I bought some of this old lace which I thought was real pretty and plan to sew it onto one of my cardigans to change it's plain appearance.

I like subtle lace and am not one who goes for the overall lace type clothing, just like a little hint of it here and there.

We stopped and had a cup of tea and iced cup cakes all in keeping with the spirit of British-ness :o) {any excuse really!!}

Followed by some more window gazing at this amazing mosaic...

Pretty cool I think...

Did you spot the Union Jack poo? This tickled us a bit, want a closer look? Go on you know you do...

A union jack pooch with his union jack doo doo! (Sorry I know this is a little childish but I thought it might tickle you too)

Yesterday remained dry but chilly for our local area's street party which was a bit of fun. 

The bunting was out with live music, picnics, children's entertainment and of course more tea and cake.

Later on we went along the Seafront to see the fire works...

All in all it was a rather lovely break and I've had the joy of knitting some arms and legs for the first time ever, a little bunny rabbit is soon coming to town.

I'll leave you with a beautiful Jubilee Parade painting by local artist Claire Fletcher who sells her wares in the gorgeous Hastings Old Town shop Made in Hastings. I think this together with some of her other illustrations were published in a national television magazine.

I do hope your weekends were filled with something old (my lace trimming) and new (arms and legs)?
Something red (dresses) and blue (cup cake icing)?

See you all soon 


  1. Love love love that beautiful red dress in the window! Looks like you had a lovely time!

  2. Wow, what a lovely post, hasn't it all been so exciting?! I have loved the telly, the colours, the food, the magic, I've shed a few tears too.....all happy ones though!

  3. Ps love th mosaic, amazing and the poo made me smile too!

  4. Wonderful photos Penelope! Looks like you've had a fabulous weekend!
    Victoria xx

  5. Thanks for sharing all the Jubilee pictures. Love the store window displays. That bit of lace was a good find, very pretty.

  6. I enjoyed the pictures too. It's always great to see pictures of where you live :o) I see the Old Town did us proud again then...those shop windows just can't help to impress can they, no matter what time of year it is. Lovely x

  7. Well, I suppose if you can have the 'Royal We' you gotta have the Royal poo as well!

    Lovely piccies Penelope, and sounds like you had a great time. It always amazes me how we Brits just get on with it regardless of the weather.

  8. How fabulous and what fun - I love the mosaic....it's perfect.

    Nina x

  9. Hi Penelope, I love all your jubilee images. It was a relaxing weekend with family time and eye candy ....buntings my fave . Glad you had fun.... Alice's outfit is gorgeous too.
    Jacquie x

  10. Blimey... Blighty poo... who knew?? Well, it made me chuckle so thank you for pooping, sorry popping it in there! ;)

    Great post! Also can't wait to see your knitted bunny... you take such gorgeous progress pics... looking forward to seeing what Alice might name her. Although Hoppity the second is super cute anyhoo!

    Enjoy your weekend my lovely... Oh and thank you for your lovely comment on my tea cosy and your get well wishes. I'm feeling much better today :)

    Louise xxx