Saturday 28 July 2012

My kind of beautiful

Painted by Alice on the beach

So, we went, we camped, swam in the sea, had BBQ's, played games, picked flowers, cycled along country lanes and down to the seaside, ate ice-cream, read books, had friends over for meals,basked in the sun,had afternoon snoozes and sundowners (an alcoholic drink or two as we watched the sun set)and talked a lot and caught up with each other's hopes and dreams.

Camping is in my blood, I grew up camping just about every summer holiday in South Africa. Most of my Christmas's were either spent at my Grandparent's home on the way to our camp site in Plettenberg Bay or in our caravan and tent at the camp site. I wanted Alice to have a similar experience as she grew up despite not living in a super hot country like South Africa. This week, didn't disappoint with the incredible sunshine we had. Wow, how incredibly fortunate and blessed we felt.

As you may have guessed from the two photo's above our sea side time definitely lent itself to me not only reading this book and going for lovely long swims, but a little hooky business needed to be had.

Have you ever visited  Resurrection Fern's blog ? If not, do find a moment to browse through her amazing posts, I am always drawn to her 'covered stones' posts as they are my kind of beautiful. I  actually used one of Margaret's tutorials from the Purl Bee blog for my urchin covered sea side stones and free styled a little along the way.

And so they grew

And grew

I used some DMC perle embroidery cotton bought from a local haberdashery and got crocheting.

I cannot tell you how easy and relaxing this crochet was and how gorgeous the pebbles feel once you've covered them .

My favourite bit was doing the 'closing up' bit of crochet which completed the pebble 'hug' and after stitching in the cut off thread it was complete, ready for joyful admiration :o)

Time to take some photos....

I got the autumn Cath Kidston catalogue in the post, not that I purchase much from her range (I prefer the real vintage bits and bobs), but I thought it was fun to decorate some pages with my pebble treasures.

Carried on playing...

I want to sew a cool cotton shirt like this one below

All in all, it was a glorious week and now I have the weekend to chill a little more before work on Monday morning. 

Thanks so much for all your comments, I love them I do!

Welcome also to the three new followers; Sharon, Alison and Dragonchick19crochet, hope you all enjoy popping in.

Happy weekend everyone


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post ...
    I'm yearning for the green green grass of home now.

  2. Such a beautiful post Penelope! Loving your crochet covered stones - gorgeous!
    Victoria xx

  3. Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing holiday and those covered stones are 'something else' - just gorgeous. Enjoy the weekend xoxox

  4. Am newly following too - lovely blog! Your stones are gorgeous great idea x

  5. Sounds like you had a brilliant time and lots of sunny memories to wonderful! Your crocheted stones look lovely, I like the sheen on the cotton, I do prefer cotton over anything else, it just looks so neat doesn't it?

    I like to look at catalogues like that, just to inspire, you can get lots of ideas without spending which is always good!

    My dislike of crocheting at the beach is not down to confidence, I am that person who takes my project bag I guess it's a touch of OCD at the thought of sand in my yarn!

    I do hope your relaxation carries on even though you're returning to work on Monday.....have a lovely weekend!x

  6. Hi Penelope, I loved this many beautiful images and lovely relaxed words....sounds like you had a wonderful break.
    I'm longing for the seaside now .
    Jacquie x

  7. Sounds like a wonderful relaxing week, and the pebbles are fabulous. Really hope you feel as refreshed by your break as you sound :D

  8. Hi Penelope! I do love checking into your blog. It's always filled with 'ooh' and 'aah' inspired moments. Glad to hear you're enjoying the sunshine! I too spent many a holiday camping in South Africa, but mostly at the South Coast, Uvongo and Umhlanga Rocks. We did indulge in some seaside time this passed week as the weather was so perfect for it. Who knows how long the British summer is going to lend us it's sunshine for?
    I love your covered pebbles...just wish I could crochet! It's on my 'to learn' list! Enjoy what's left of the weekend! Blessings, Tania ♥

  9. I do love camping too, having spent time doing so in Western Australia when I lived there. I love the campfires and friendships you make around them.
    I love your stones. A great simple project to do on holidays.
    Penny. x
    Ps Had to check out your blog because I am the shortened version of same name and I admire anybody who uses the full name!

  10. Your covered pebbles are beautiful, it's something I've been meaning to try for ages. I always try to come home from our trips to the coast with one beautiful egg shaped pebble,they are not so easy to come by on our beach as they are on yours!
    Glad you are having a lovely summer, thank you for your comment on Planet Penny, lots of love
    Penny xx
    big licks from Higgins!

  11. Looks like you had a fab week camping.

    We are hoping to get away on a camp trip too in the near future. Let's hope we have a few sunny days to do that!

    Looks like you had fun with your pretty crocheted pebbles. A small complete project is the best kind!

    P x

  12. I am happy for you, Penny! Blissful, sun-drenched days. Playing with a crochet, hook, cycling, and catching up with your loved ones dreams. Yes, the essentials of a healthy holiday

    I love your photographs as ever.


  13. Hello Penelope

    I've just posted pics of my heat pack cushion on my blog. I followed your tutorial and it was really easy to do...I did make one mistake which I have mentioned in my post. My mistake though.

    Amanda :-)

  14. I would never have thought about crocheting around stones but that is so cute. I may have to find some nice smooth stones around here to practice on. Glad you have a great holiday and that the weather was good for it.

  15. What a lovely camping trip. When we lived in Southern California we used to go camping, but since we moved to small-town Wisconsin we somehow don't feel such a need to get away from it all. :)

    I love the colours you chose for your stones, and the beautiful flowers. And the bread in the background! :)

  16. That is my kind of bunch of flowers and I adore the covered pebbles, am going to have to go to the sea side this summer and collect some lovely stones and get crocheting I think. Loving the blue sky!! sigh.
    xx Sandi

  17. I am in LOVE with this post!!! It is everything Summer should be... Outdoor fun with family and friends, good food and of course a tipple or two!!! Ha ha :-)
    Alice's painted pebbles are beautiful, she obviously has your creativity!...and those crochet covered pebbles of yours are just gorgeous... I am swooning over your photo's, you are very artistic. I just received the CK Autumn cat' in the post... Such pretties!!
    Thank you for such kind words about my mini quilt and shawl... I will certainly enjoy wearing it come the Autumn, I just better hurry up knitting it as I've suddenly had the urge to sew recently and it's been put aside... But I MUST get it done though!!
    Hope you are enjoying your week. It's clouded over a bit here but the boys are still outside enjoying the fresh air. Hope the sun is still shining for you xx

  18. What lovely colours and teeny tiny stitches - they look really groovy all grouped together.

    Nina x

  19. Hello Penelope
    Many thanks for your comments on my latest post. Wille S (cat) is fine I think the strong smell of the lavender hyped him up a little and he just can't get excited like that at his age! He 's back to normal now. I plan to do a few more heat packs they'll make perfect gifts.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)