Friday 6 July 2012

Technical problem!

Hello everyone
I am taking a few minutes during my lunch break at work to say hello and vent release my frustration at having lost our internet connection at home for the past 10 days or so..... I am hoping and praying that the connector thingy will appear in our post box this weekend. One good thing is that I (like many of you have when this has happened to you) have realised how much time I waste  spend on the net! Hhmmm, interesting how easy it is to become dependent on the net. Oh well, I have got a lot of knitting done which is a good substitute and I hope to be posting very soon and commenting on your lovely blogs too. Have a lovely weekend xox Penelope


  1. Its such a pain when that happens but i so agree with you that it takes a lot of time and its amazing how much else you can get done. Hope its sorted soon for you, dee x

  2. Hello Penelope
    You are so right we are far to dependent on computers and the internet and I place myself right up the front there where internet addiction is concerned. I get so irritated if there is something wrong with the internet and I can't get online...... it shouldn't be like that. Admittedly I have a part excuse as I use the internet for work as some of my courses are Blended Learning courses and I need to be able to log on to the course platform.

    hope you'll get it all sorted soon

    Amanda :-)

  3. I got the same problem one or two weeks ago and had a frustrating time. Hope you will get it sorted out soon, Internet/ Blogger issues are really aggravating!
    You enjoy a great weekend anyway.
    Best wishes,
    LS x

  4. Was just thinking about you this afternoon and hoping things were alright - glad it's 'only' the internet.

    We're with BT and crikey does it drive us nuts sometime - not the best service, must say.

    Have a super weekend - happy knitting. :)

  5. Oh no! I'd be lost if the internet went down for that long. Hope you're back online at home soon x

  6. Hope you're back on-line soon. It's amazing how much you can get done when you're not distracted by the internet - but we sure do miss it!!!

  7. Oh I hate it when that happens! Hope you get back online sonn!
    Victoria xx

  8. Oh dear! I hope it gets fixed soon. It is when we loose things like this that we realise how much a part of our lives they are! My mobile phone wasn't working for a few days this week and I realised how dependant on it I was! Rachel x

  9. Dear Penelope, I hope you are well and happy and either enjoying your enforced internet break or relishing its return! I just wanted to let you know your giveaway gift is up on my blog. So, so lovely.